Make a website to increase the PV value in P unchanged skills

: of course, especially in the presence of paging mobile version of the site, the absolute rankings have help, because we talked about the principle of

, PV and IP introduced


IP and PV data when we reach a certain ratio, love Shanghai default for your site only a primitive floating change, but no growth, standing outside the station optimization optimization weakened, stable, ranking will be relatively stable, only in the shuffle when updating the trash washed down, only relatively bring up your station.

But the ?

(the same period IP and PV constant, increased with an increased value, for the love of Shanghai suggested that the user experience has been advocating love Shanghai, love Shanghai how to read the user experience, see the website is the data change

? ? calculation, but it can calculate 10 user browsing sum of what?Answer:

PV is the sum of all the pages so all users to click on the.

thinks Shanghai dragon is on: how many keywords optimization, external links, and the user experience.

article 1000, we do the paging processing, with 3 pages, so users have to read a PV, but the 3 PV page, this is a trick of

1. why we put the


three, website optimization Shanghai Longfeng and drainage quantity of IP produced and PV to reach the bottleneck, how to break the


2. you might ask, meaning

with IP has 10 users in the visit, a IP is only PV

four, about PV increase skills


PV: refers to a web page browsing

and we need to break through the IP is already in your power station within the drainage effect to the station, IP remains the same, the data difference of PV rise, it can enhance the

IP: refers to a web site users to visit the web site in a IP segment is calculated as a IP

user experience released what is

page?Answer: for example a PV and IP website backstage dataMany novice

skills: put the article content page page, the premise is readable and the desire to read on

answer: no cheating, no gray hat, this.

3. is cheating or gray hat

two, Shanghai ranked love relationship with

answer: it is IP, PV, UV, residence time, residence depth data cookies value back to the love of spiders in Shanghai, through the love of spiders in Shanghai Shanghai back to love is analyzed and then extract, give a new algorithm under the website ranking changes.

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