A5 marketing note the chain website construction of small and medium enterprises which need to keep


has been the chain enterprise website construction is a headache, the chain too easily judge the cheating, the chain too little can not bring to the site, when the release of the chain do not pay attention to some matters more to the site hit, in short, the chain enterprises want to build high quality is a dangerous road. The chain of course many optimization personnel have the ability of the enterprise can build high quality, not only highlight the effect in the content, matters needing attention in the construction of the chain is also very good. In fact, many enterprises to optimize the staff will do the chain, but often fail to do some matters needing attention in the chain, perhaps because so little is likely to be punished love Shanghai. Therefore, the enterprise website to do outside the chain is not only perfect in every respect of content and the chain platform, but also to achieve the most perfect note.

two, released outside the chain of the theme of the site type to

posted links

, a standard of care

first, enterprises should pay attention to the standardization of the chain links. For a link to the standard corporate owners believe should not unfamiliar, standard URL is selected as a URL standard and after optimization of the URL, now a lot of enterprise owners are the main domain for 301, this is the choice of a standard domain name. For example, a corporate website behind the top-level domain and the two domain name, link with HTML and without HTML, and then choose a domain name and do 301. But there is no attention to the business owners, no time in the selection of the preferred domain with 贵族宝贝 and / don’t take these foreign chain effect is not much impact, can not say no, but in order to URL standards or recommendations with certain benefits, or.

then released outside the chain of the theme of the site types related to. Enterprises in the construction of the chain is.

generally, the station on the chain, large content, enterprise station belongs to a small website, business owners are also very clear, want to do is the weight of the site’s ranking, there must be a lot of high quality natural chain, but the chain has access station content flow, chain and content are the same as the need to pay attention to matters, as long as a little attention, long time will be punished love Shanghai. Before, people have been asking the author, our enterprise site outside the chain is outside the chain of high quality, why corporate website or be punished, when I see them outside the chain was found, they only do the chain home page, channel page and inside pages do not, also is the chain in only one do you talk about the site, so the chain can bring to the site effect? So I usually do when the chain must be noticed, although companies are doing outside the chain of high quality, but the lack of attention to the construction of the chain, finally unlucky only yourself. Then, note the chain website construction of small and medium enterprises need to keep in mind what? Here by A5 marketing with business owners together to exchange it.

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