Online comics site Penny Arcade6 minutes raise 525 thousandDid you catch that This year’s 4 Venture


can not afford to rent a house. So, what else do people really need, and they can’t afford to buy and have difficulty buying, but what do they want most? What does a woman want most? What does a man want?

this new behavior, so that all transactions become simple, anytime, anywhere. Attendant, a large number of 7*24 hours, unattended, scan code open, retail, leasing intelligent terminal automatic settlement will usher in the golden period, to challenge all kinds of traditional line more than 30 trillion of the annual market size of the stores.

this function is WeChat, Alipay, micro-blog sweep, has become the people’s life habits. Habit has always been terrible, for it will guide your behavior without knowing it, even if it is wrong.

since the start of the year, house prices across the country have continued to surge, after the boom ushered in the change of the mentality of the people, for the moment the young man slowly accepted a reality is that no matter how to live frugally, wage saving is almost impossible to buy a house.

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changes in science and technology bring about changes in our lives. If you look carefully, you will see a lot of interesting phenomena: in the streets, restaurants, gatherings, there is a feature, the frequency of use is getting higher and higher.

Penny Arcade is an online comic web site that previously sold advertising sites to maintain regular web spending. Recently, in order to keep the web page to place ads but also have the funds to maintain the operation, they began to do an experiment on Kickstarter last month, to the fans to seek funding totaling $250 thousand for 1 years, did not expect this goal in 6 minutes more than $525 thousand.


with the completion of funding, Penny Arcade announced on its official website that it would remove all ads from today’s home page. For many websites now, online advertising is the only guarantee the operation down, but the advertising not only affects the website interface is beautiful leads to poor readability, some advertising code more let website loading speed. Penny Arcade may be a good idea, but the success of the model may only be one case, and it’s unlikely to promote it. But the success stories of Penny Arcade at least point out that creating valuable content for users is valuable in itself.

Abstract: the choice of entrepreneurial direction has been 50% successful. This should be the consensus of every entrepreneur. So, how can we choose the right direction, today we’ll talk about.

following the beginning of this year’s werewolf killing, sharing the charge treasure, we believe that the following 4 directions will be the next venture & investment tuyere:

life goes on, live in the present, rent it. This form of consumption has changed from the original taboo to acceptance. This change in the mindset of consumption will also bring about a great variety of entrepreneurial opportunities, because whether people are rich or not, the pursuit of high quality life needs is constant.

the event attracted a lot of big donors, a donor site with two founders Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik lunch grounds donated $9999, and two donors in order to practice one day Penny Arcade donated $7500 which is actually in practice in the name of the donation. The experiment is now over and $528144 is eventually raised.

two, rent sharing for rent,

can not afford to buy before, it is difficult to buy, now rent instead of buying, first use up. Living in the moment, happy every day, will be more and more young people’s attitude towards life.

one, intelligent trading terminal


such as: self-help drinks vending machine, orange juicer, buffet buffet Mini karaoke room, self-service vending machines, self-service, self-service sports equipment second-hand mobile phone recycling…… of which any one category has the opportunity to make a 100 million U.S. dollars of the company.

at the same time, the future will have such a social phenomenon, is to find friends to borrow money will be more and more difficult, not unwilling to borrow, but really no money, are taken to spend, moonlight. Or only a small amount of liquidity is invested in value added

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