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however, the reality is always as bad as the ideal, and there are always unprofessional, inexperienced and incompetent investors who will bring tons of tons of damage to their future investment targets.


although investors and entrepreneurs are under pressure, but entrepreneurs tend to be more nervous. The relationship between creative enterprises and investors rarely symmetrical, investors holding the record prices and decide capital, young companies must play their own potential, which makes most entrepreneurs feel no bargaining chips.

Abstract: delicacy itself is really a short video field bonanza, from the production point of entry has produced a short video startups a delicacy made to eat, sowing actually still around is only delicacy, from the angle of enjoy the delicacy.

big stomach king Zhenneng eat

I know it very well. Not so long ago, I was almost a venture fund "missile" shot here I do not mention the name. The fund had promised to invest in my company, but it pulled out at the last minute.

1. Does this product or service address a major demand problem in a very different or valuable way?

financing is the most difficult part of entrepreneurship., both for investors, or founder, they must consider clearly become the most intimate partner development is in a company.

venture industry know that due diligence is a tough, painful, but ultimately simple job. Professional investors will create a false impression that investment is a scientific thing from start to finish, but there are only 4 important factors:

in fact, investing in red light has long been lit up, I unilaterally ignore them. I wanted to finish this round of financing, blind behavior of investors.

of course, prior to real investment


2. Is this business model justified,

at seven in the evening, at a restaurant in Jiangsu and Zhejiang near the East Bridge of Beijing, Zhen Zhen began the live broadcast. The live shot had been opened, but Zhen Zhen did not start talking immediately. She motioned to the members of the team next to the live room to get in. A few minutes later, she and Betta Live Room audience playing the greeting, skillfully introduced today to eat food and the name of the restaurant, and then began to read the audience to write down the barrage.

, and in a few words of Kung Fu, Zhen Zhen has eaten two string of braised meat kebabs, her live room has also flooded more than 10000 people. These fans from different places, this time through the screen, looking at the camera at the end of the girl gobble down. Zhen Zhen eat broadcast have recently become very popular, eat her broadcast short video basically in the B list update station living area of ten, the whole network playback volume has more than 200 million.

fortunately, rather than investors after regret, my situation is not sad. However, this experience is still painful, I also summed up some experience. Here are a few minefields that I think should be avoided when each entrepreneur communicates with potential investors.

today live in Zhenyao Zhen eat is a Braised pork in brown sauce string, four string, each string on a string of three to four pieces of meat, ten whole braised butcher opened on the table in front of her, she will live in after tonight. Opposite her, two mobile phones connected to an external camera, one for live broadcast, and one for recording short video.

< >

People in the

content entrepreneurship is full coverage of our lives, PGC more and more subdivision, there have been some previously unimaginable category. Before eating, I am afraid that few people realize that we have the need to watch people eat by live broadcast.

Of course we can not say

3. Do you trust and respect this management team,

in August 26, 2016, Hunan satellite TV "every day" program, have broadcast programs in the field of dense anchor Zijun eat 88 bowls of noodles, also received a program group presented the strongest chowhound "medal. From the first upload video to one of the country’s most famous variety shows, it took only 3 months. Now, she has accumulated more than 2 million 200 thousand micro-blog fans, eat the whole network broadcast video playback volume exceeded 1 billion 700 million, she was watching the number of live Betta average at around 200 thousand. I quickly became dense Zijun new generation network red, the latest list of PGC short video on the list, big stomach king Mizi Jun ranked fifth, row in front of her Papi sauce.


was broadcast last year, it was marked by the rise of "boring economy". At present, eating this area is not crowded, the pioneers believe that the market potential is great. In their view, eating this seemingly boring content, in fact, to meet the emotional needs of users at the same time, but also to save loneliness and social phobia.

investors decide not to ask some words do, after all they are using their own money to bet. However, any professional investor will adhere to a principle, that is, "no harm" principle.

"due diligence" exceptionally "dutifully"

editor’s note: the author is Chris Myers, founder and CEO of BodeTree, a provider of financial management solutions.

"no harm" principle,


but the positive side is that most investors are in the value creation industry. They used to be entrepreneurs and know the ups and downs of it.

4. Are these investments in line with their own investment preferences,


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