Chen Youyou what exactly should Taobao doSome of the personal webmaster Wangzhuan mode

2: as a personal webmaster, web content is essential, in addition to a part of someone else’s article is reproduced, the other part of the article is writing their own hair up, with more experience and writing, accumulated a certain level of writing, can use the network management station over time, writing to help others to profit now, many websites need to update the content, in addition to their employees update, will also invite some part-time writers to update, this is one of the methods we grassroots webmaster earn money

This article from the guest club !

two, using their website to achieve profitability,

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one, use own stationmaster skill to gain

earn money

2: make money through advertising, now the main source of income for most of the individual stationmaster is the main advertising alliance, your site has a certain flow, will find some advertising alliance to join and put their ads, but not blind choice, in the choice of advertising.

1: every webmaster have their rich website management and marketing capabilities, you can use these experiences to profit, that is where you do more, use their experience to do some part-time jobs, whether it is to help other personal website or business website, as long as the site, you can manage them with their help and promotion of rich experience, because many companies or enterprises just website promotion management experience are relatively small, so find some part-time staff to help manage or promotion, this can also become one of the methods of grassroots

" or "this station" is my next Taobao guest’s development goal. I don’t know what you think. I hope I can discuss it with you. Amoy Club exchange group 21351909. These days very tired, and the more this time, we should make something with their own characteristics, or this era will eliminate us, we have more time to communicate and exchange it.

this address: taokeclub.cn/article/369.htm

1: when your site development to a certain extent, there is a relatively high PR value, can sell their links to earn money from the A5 forum link trading area can see, many people are now in the sale or purchase link, because a lot of newly established sites, no weight, basically want to swap the link is very difficult, so I want to improve the weight can only go to buy some high PR links, this has become one of the profit way of the personal webmaster, you can go to the A5 forum or other webmaster forum for business district.


the Internet in the family inside, the grassroots webmaster are in fact hard people silently pay, most grassroots webmaster is a person doing all the work, the site must Qingliqingwei, they not only increase a lot of rich content for the Internet, but also to the normal operation of the website, but also consider the site’s profit,

group of friends should have seen my new station, a single product promotion station freckle products: cqsf8. About 2 weeks ago to set up this station, the purpose is to prevent changes to the TOP station, the station after the purchase of the chain and the black chain, some of the words have been on the sh419 home page or second page, here I am not a example for everyone, from the original single page website also joined the system now. Every day to update a few pseudo original. The effect is not very good, the transaction is only a few strokes. But I believe that this direction is not wrong.

is strange, my guest club use blog driven by the station weight, although this included more than halved, but flow did not decrease, but increased, this is a good sign, that continue to add new content website, or get sh419 sure. For example, Wang Zhi, in the tens of thousands of articles support, sh419 brought him traffic rose to about 150 thousand. This is an example and worth learning. Content is king.

I want to apologize for the error estimation of a few days ago, sh419’s real K us, TOP API users is the guest from the beginning of the development of Taobao decide on what path to follow? Up to now so quickly, when the rectification. Do not rely on sh419 to stand for long, but this period also really let people earn a pen, Taobao off the way how to go, is the biggest problem facing us now, Ali Mama official should give you some support and assisted optimization. Since sh419 big update after several of my station add up to IP less than 2000, the income is obviously to begin to decline, in addition to several keywords bring traffic, TOP station is almost no effect, if this week sh419 big update is not restored, several TOP station I can’t run anymore.

development of the Internet industry’s growing number of personal websites and increasing has a close relationship with many individual owners not to make money but to a station, but because of his love of this industry, so this part is because the interest to join the ranks of owners, but with their own website development continues to grow, need the web site with the increased operating costs, in order to site can continue working indefinitely, so forced to consider profitable website.

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