A Tmall 5 million female entrepreneurs and listened to Ma Yun’s speech to join TaobaoWhen look bac

in 1994, you started your own career, found the Internet and started your internet. In 1999 after the establishment of Alibaba, and taobao, Alipay, Ali and other companies in the group. Your lack of money, had cold-shoulder treatment, was questioned, the team also experienced SARS, you came into my world. But there is only one horse in China, and there is no way to copy you.

began to settle in Tmall in 2013. Before that, I was a fashion designer with a salary of over twenty thousand and a two-day weekend. When I left my job as a business owner, I never got paid more than 20000 dollars

night, a person sitting in front of the computer, is a rogue. Wangzhuan school for a year and a half, the first half of wangzhuan. The result has made itself scarred. Your next step is to go on in it, but also the aftertaste do on the Internet, this one and a half years myself a lot, "get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than a dog" to describe a little too much.

Ma Yun, the richest man in China, to you, money is only a figure, but for us businessmen, money is everything. Along with Ma Yungan, either pours, or go bankrupt. I belong to the latter.


once I used to say to people around me that I’m now mixing with BOSS ma. Well, you are Chinese proud, because you English speak so well, because you led so many small and medium enterprises and individuals to build up the family fortunes.

you know, a lot of people love you, and a lot of people abuse you. I used to respect you, adore you, hate you and hate you now. I may never see you anyway. But I still envy so many businessmen have seen you, such as Cui Wanzhi inspirational people.

this is a business man tragic history! There is no gorgeous language, I am one of the millions of Taobao businesses a loss. If the colleagues found that I said so much, in fact, I will not play, begging the people, not difficult to dismantle. My bitter tears. Who knows who you are,

, he did SP temptation cheating, my approach is very simple, is to apply for a daughter, , then the promotion, there are a lot of lady-killer with me, and then guide them to my temptation page, remember most of the day to earn more than 200 yuan, was also happy I. But a chance, a friend of the head flashing, the message probably meant to say "liar, harm my mobile phone instant buckle 20 yuan, I wonder when, want to do a SP letter of friends all know that a registered price at around $5. I immediately felt that this amount of deduction is really terrible, and there is a kind of being made to make the feeling, and was scolded "liar", the heart is very uncomfortable taste. "Morality is crying," so he stops making SP temptations.

During after listening to Ma Yun’s speech

and Ali, 16 years of entrepreneurship, complete documentary exposure: Ma and his forever ali. I listened to love dearly ah, and excited, simply tears, just like you are my relatives, generally let me proud, as Scorpio, I really should not, good cold in the end? Ma knows who I am,

is going to plunge into Taobao


into the electricity supplier deep like the sea, since then the rest is passers-by

Abstract: there is no official activity, no natural flow and weight. Diamond booth price has been rising, many small businesses can not afford, accidentally broke the rules you will be invisible right down, let the business survival may not, qiusibuneng. Why don’t you just admit it when you’re turning away from a small company to a big company?

later, idle about a week, saw a lot of people do SP ringtone business, because at that time while in school, but I also belong to the high consumption crowd, spend greasy powerfulsorf, I began to follow. Accidentally found someone to cheat by false recruitment network mobile phone ringtones for civilian business. Since he was originally born a programmer, he soon took a similar and even better cheat page. Then apply for the union account, and then start promotion. For a moment did not think of what good promotion method, on the whole hand in group promotion, but do not know why, many people with great enthusiasm for the "recruitment network of part-time typist", many are not considered using a mobile phone to send text messages to obtain "a confirmation code", which had in fact subscribe to the ringtone business. But not long after, as if to catch up with the Internet strike hard, the Union over there closed my account, saying that what is the existence of deception to induce user behavior, bad, okay, this >

first of all, simple self introduction, I am a just out of the university campus students, through campus recruitment, very lucky to have a stable job, probation period has 2000+, after becoming a full member, there are 4000+. But I grew up feeling better suited to being a businessman, rather than being a technical person, so I often noticed that I didn’t have the opportunity to make money even though I went to work at ordinary times. Besides, we have to rely on a few thousand dollars a month, a few hundred dollars, and hundreds of dollars to buy a car and buy a house. It’s simply Arabian nights. However, as a result of cost, project, experience and so on many restriction factors, I always have the desire to be a businessman. Later, the chance to listen to friends that can make money online, originally he is a geek, this is enough to afford my strong interest, he joined the army like Wangzhuan puhuo.

is my business, so I will pay attention to Mr. Ma and Taobao business platform subscription number, news, information and so on kn. I’ll read all of your lectures, your speeches abroad, especially at Stanford University. I’ve heard it over and over again.

, whether you’re free or not, I’m free today anyway. I told you to talk too much, really hard to force, no place to complain.


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