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in Chen Hua’s view, Chen Ge served as singing chief content officer, making it possible to sing in the middle of the music industry. It is understood that Chen Ge worked in the field of music for many years, has worked in the field of brokerage, artists, management, signed the Cui Jian, Luo Dayou, Sherry and many other musicians.

The original

Jujing music network founder Chen Ge

may be for you as just entered the circle of Wangzhuan novice, and originally I always yearn for the gold stand a day income of thousands, is always longing for a PC day, the income of tens of thousands of eggs is longing for those sitting at home on a daily income of hundreds of thousands of websites to feed the whole family people look at this website, you also think if I could do such a site can not be like them, a computer, a web site can be set up after the

statistics on the advertising task network this one, statistics for this, I’ve come to the conclusion that in this piece of Wangzhuan is no longer a chance so high as others said the 28 law, my conclusion is: in general do Wangzhuan only less than ten percent people just stick to the end, and only a maximum of 3 people can not be good. I’m not kidding, not scare people, I am from the advertising task network station in this industry that I know all of the sites in the statistical analysis, and here I am still a rough analysis.


technology news at noon on April 25th following the news, "I am today director singer" Hong Tao joined as chief art consultant, Vow, and the original headset Top100 founder Chen Ge announced officially became the chief content officer sing. It is reported that, as the chief content officer of Chen Ge, will be responsible for singing content selection, artist management, singing, internal reds, IP build and other fields.

to singAccording to

"sing" is a social product that revolves around music. In the future, the singing user is a very big music ring, and we’ll do whatever it takes to sing." "Sing, CEO," Chen Hua said. "Because of the lack of experience in performing an artist, singing has always been an extension of the music industry and has not penetrated into the industry.".

, Chen Ge Gary Chen, the original September 2005 Jujing music network president, Chinese, created the first generation of genuine digital music company Top100 and Yao Ming and Zhang Mingji together, and served as CEO. In 2007, the company led the A round of financing, creating the era of China’s network music genuine. 2013 created VOW headphones, and dug up the original Beats headset products, big coffee Donald Polk do CEO. Zhou Xuedie

could you go to analyze statistics, you will be surprised, you will find that in this piece of Wangzhuan owners want to mix down really hard, need certain technology and perseverance not only, and the most important is the need for a certain amount of money. A little mind knows that we must do website promotion and maintenance and expansion of the development of technology and capital, technology and even if you have a person is not enough, so enough money is necessary.

it is understood that the Chen Ge join full sing, in addition to sing sing content, took over the Reds IP management, the prospective perspective of music, no doubt also inject strong thrust for sing star platform ability. Prior to joining the singing, as the chief art consultant Hong Tao, but more emphasis on giving professional guidance to artists, and will urge to sing, with well-known programs to cooperate, to provide more opportunities for singing reds.

this article to want to do Wangzhuan novice webmaster friends, when there is no technology and a certain amount of money in your dreams do not impulse, want you as a webmaster, I must read this article, you think whether it is necessary to build a network immediately behind the station, I used to as to the novice to provide some reference and suggestions.

at this time to stop blogging in gold to some well-known blog recommended items from A to Z turned it over again, I also read some projects have recommended the recommended distance of these projects only a year’s time, and found thirty-five percent sites closed open, about fifteen percent of the site five percent, have not paid, the remaining 45 per cent of which there are forty percent sites tepid where no movement, finally only about five percent of the site in the steady in development, and which also can not find really good site site.

when we had such an idea, we directly across the new period, to do such a website to learn some tutorials, do such a site, to find some of this website source code. Not long after, because of our efforts, we found the resources to build such a website, so we don’t want to turn the net directly

Wangzhuan to withstand temptation:


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