Hangzhou also through the pioneering street can become a new benchmark for East China entrepreneurs

June 15th, in the Hangzhou high tech Zone Binjiang spotlight Center IOT town core area also erected a landmark – "Hangzhou pioneering street."". The start of the pioneering street in Hangzhou attracted a group of start-ups, venture media and venture capital funds. Predictably, this street will probably boost capital and markets in East China, as well as a bigger entrepreneurial frenzy in other cities and regions across the country.

common sense tells us that "decorative" demand is the most large-scale apparel market, who can seize the "new and change" nature, who is more likely to become the industry leader. BELLE to multi brand strategy, occupy half of the country’s shopping district, in the shopping mall is hard for women to have Zara create a fish escaped through the seine; fast fashion, using the.

The tide of ?

, Zulily,

Zhongguancun Venture Street as China innovation "landmark" has long been famous, 3W, garage cafe business, 36Kr, I horse and other media and all kinds of entrepreneurial venture capital funds are gathered in this less than 200 meters above the street, set off a round of innovation climax.

Hangzhou venture street angel sinks, entrepreneur, 3W space, the Antarctic Circle, investment companies, Tencent, micro chain billion euros every day, investment, warp space, interstellar space, interest agency, Zhejiang province science and Technology Innovation Service Association and a large number of organizations settled. And Zhongguancun pioneering Street compared favorably.

There are three essential needs of

currently, Zulily, which was established in 2009, has submitted the IPO document to the securities and Exchange Commission to raise $100 million. The company with a strong internet background, in 2012 July D round of financing, Zulily financing $85 million, and was valued at $1 billion. At the same time, last year’s loss of $10 million 300 thousand Zulily, the first half of this year has achieved $2 million 300 thousand in profits.

What company is


is well-known, vertical electricity supplier profit is not easy, then this electricity supplier company in the end unique in where,

says that making money for women and children is the best business, and Zulily is a provider of clothing, toys and family furnishings for children under the age of 10 and for mothers and children. "Flash purchase", that is, the product online time is short, discount dynamics, the daily updated regularly new electricity supplier model, known as the electricity supplier 2. Zulily as a mother and child supplies flash purchase electricity supplier, every morning 6 regular updates, the average online 3 days, there are more than 50% discount, for mother and children to provide a surprise shopping experience every day.

Hangzhou is launching the second wave of Internet start-ups in Hangzhou. Last year, although insiders said, innovation ushered in the winter capital, but this seems to hit thunder down, ushered in another round of frenzy.

1, flash purchase model catering to the essence of clothing demand

Zulily as a baby flash taker, 4000 types of products online at the same time every day, 72 hours to limit panic buying, to ensure that every day a new pattern, to cater to the nature of women’s clothing consumption "innovative ideas". Its active users grew by as much as 100% a year.

in the Hangzhou daily. The largest domestic Internet business chain micro social platform statistics, in 2015, Hangzhou is the fastest growing city business projects, business projects for a total of 1364, the average annual growth rate of 32.4%, higher than the Beijing 30.2%, Shanghai 27.1%, Shenzhen 29.3%. Among them, 503 projects have been financing, constantly breeding industry unicorn. In 2015, Hangzhou held a total of 1650 entrepreneurial activities, an average of 4.5 a day, a surge of 16 times over the previous year, the number of participants close to 70 thousand people.

1, Hangzhou to become the national business third

at this time the enthusiasm of entrepreneurship in Hangzhou, coupled with the pragmatic attitude of entrepreneurs in Hangzhou, Hangzhou start-up companies in today’s economic environment, the more cold situation, but showed a contrarian upward trend. For Hangzhou, this is Entrepreneurship

clothing: protection, decoration and identification. Protection is the function of sporting goods, and identity is the meaning of famous brands, while decoration is the core of fashion and most accessories. The psychological characteristics of decoration demand are "seeking novelty" and "seeking change"".

at this time opened the pioneering street, Hangzhou has three major considerations,

innovation and innovation is in the ascendant, and the tide of Beijing has swept the whole country. In this environment, Hangzhou has nearly one hundred business parks and entrepreneurial services. When customers from all walks of life come in, Hangzhou’s entrepreneurial approach is changing dramatically. Small town, industrial park, public space…… Entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects first integrate resources in space and create wealth together.

two, schema analysis,

Hangzhou is building a sound entrepreneurial ecosystem, according to

for Hangzhou, at this time to start entrepreneurial street, there are three considerations.



since Bi hit the nail on the head, pointed out that the vertical buying and selling category B2C is a scam, the debate about vertical B2C has not ended, and in recent days, every guest Let vertical B2C cast a shadow. In the United States, there are electricity providers, but also profitable, Zulily is an example. IPO information shows that Zulily also lost $10 million 300 thousand in Zulily last year, making $2 million 300 thousand in profit in the first half of the year. This article adapted from snowball, from the financial point of view, such as decomposition of the Zulily model, to see how profitable its electricity supplier.

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