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      although the gap between Sohu and sina is still, but you know, this is the first time since 2004 Sohu achieved double-digit growth – an increase of 18% over the previous quarter. The last time was between 2001 and 2003. At the same time, due to wireless income driven, Sohu has 11 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth, once with sina almost the same, and advertising revenue has once caught up with Sina’s 90%. But since then, with the tightening of the operator’s policy, Sohu entered the 3 year consolidation period, once the chain revenue decline.

has been a Taobao for a whole year, and finally he has a sparkling blue diamond. Recently, his business has been deserted, and he has time to sum up his experience and find out about it.

      August 2nd, Sohu released 2007 second quarter earnings: total revenue of $39 million, an increase of 14% over the same period last year, of which advertising Revenue $28 million 400 thousand.

I summarize the following points:

Ad5 starter. Please indicate www.20100,

 :     because of the Olympic sponsor’s identity, Zhang Zhaoyang optimistic about the next 1 years of brand advertising revenue.

description of the product must be detailed, style, size, material must be there, but also in a prominent position. Product use and routine maintenance considerations, delivery, delivery and delivery times, product inventory, etc., in short, should stand in a buyer’s point of view to write baby description.


      nothing else has shifted, and the Internet industry has recently focused on the war of words around the olympics. One is the Beijing 2008 sponsor Sohu, one is "leading brother", Sina led by the 15 web alliance.

      "the elements of the Olympics are just beginning to work," Zhang Zhaoyang said.

baby description of the importance of needless to say.

pictures are not as many as possible, everyone’s speed and browser settings are different, too many pictures may sometimes affect the speed of web pages open. Facing a snail slow Web page, several customers will be patient. The picture will take 2-4 pages of course, according to the product features, 1 panoramas, and 1-2 details, OK.

many sellers engage in promotional activities, will explain the specific circumstances of the promotion on the front page. I see from the store statistics, many customers do not actually go to the home page wandering, just between a baby and a baby jump web pages. So, if there are promotions, be sure to explain in the baby details page. Some sell XXX shellfish quantity is more, can be in the flow of a few big baby to make explanation. Save a little more, especially in the shop built a "sales promotion" page, in the baby details add this "promotion notes" connection, on the OK.

from the shop’s operating characteristics, baby description function is to allow customers to get more information, so it is not simply put a few pictures, on the size of the can.

      "60% of sponsors already advertise on Sohu websites."." Zhang Zhaoyang told the China economic times. Zhang sees the Olympics as an opportunity for the Sohu to catch up with sina again.

in short, baby details, in addition to the basic circumstances of the baby, but also play a silent communication with customers. As long as the intentions, customers will feel, standing in the customer’s point of view, seriously write baby description, business will gradually get better.

      more and more people participate in comments; there are industry elite, more experts and scholars, this is a spread throughout the Internet industry comments.

      there is no doubt that the Internet is the competition most transparent and competitive industry, the sunshine wealth of the owner, used on the desktop rather than desktop spread out the way, in the bargain for their own interests.

three, increase promotional terms.

      August 7th, Sina released 2007 second quarter earnings: net revenues of $59 million 800 thousand, an increase of 11% over the same period last year, of which advertising Revenue $41 million 200 thousand.

one, the number of pictures should be appropriate.

to baby’s strengths and weaknesses should also note that, do not be afraid to say shortcomings will scare away customers. A care, even the shortcomings will tell you the shopkeeper, will deceive you? Increase customer trust, to the shop and said, the customer has the right to know, the seller must inform the duty is.

      earnings comparisons and Olympic factors

      in the third quarter, the Sohu gave optimistic forecasts: total revenue between $45 million and $47 million, with advertising revenues between $30 million to $31 million.

two, describe truthfully.

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