Why don’t the financial elite start a business These school tyrants can’t even see BAT Entrepreneurs

"funds" + "noble" is the most valuable thing on the road to entrepreneurship.

and with the progress of the times, the current market is a buyer led era. Among the many sellers, how to let buyers, that is, customers find you, is a start-up company needs to solve the first problem.

Professional service firms hereinafter referred to as PSF refers to the investment banks, front-line consulting firms, as well as top law firms and accounting firms, and a series of professional services to Party B companies. These companies are probably the world’s most intelligent places.

noble can make you more comfortable in the road of entrepreneurship. There are many different kinds of people. One of the most valuable is an entrepreneur mentor. He or she can solve many problems in advance for you at the start of your business.


but not everyone is so lucky. Most entrepreneurs are two missing one, or simply none of them. For these entrepreneurs, all you need to do is listen, look, ask more. And often analyze those who come from the entrepreneurial experience, sort out the possible pitfalls of entrepreneurship, avoid making the same mistake.

last weekend and a well-known management consulting company, a big beauty afternoon tea. She spoke of her enthusiasm for the fashion world and left an entrepreneurial idea she had just finalized last week

these tyrants do not like start-up companies, of course not, there are also, such as Alibaba’s Cai Chongxin. But in most cases, start-up companies need such people after a certain period of growth. Ma Yun said, "

knows that the most important task for startups is to survive, and getting customers is the basic requirement for survival. So treasure each of your customers and get channels

story one

water Bullshit: in particular the advisory and investment banking.

has expertise in some areas: corporate finance, strategic consulting, accounting, etc.;

client for start-up companies, there are many methods, such as: to participate in the exhibition, telemarketing, email marketing, search engine rankings, B2B website, door-to-door, television ads, print ads and so on.

funding allows you to walk more confidently on the road to entrepreneurship. The so-called "art expert bold, bold, art higher" is this truth. When you hand inside has sufficient funds, often can make the game, others did not dare to make a decision; lost and capital again, you can win the hard money.

should pay special attention here: do not easily deny any kind of way to get customers. For example, don’t say it’s no use selling mail easily. Because most of the time, you don’t have good email skills.

1. blocked access to customers some channels.

rational thinking: very sensitive to facts, logic, and numbers;

Abstract: these school tyrants do not like start-up companies, of course not, there are also, such as Alibaba’s Cai Chongxin. But in most cases, start-up companies need such people after a certain period of growth. Ma Yun said: "Cai Chongxin such people in the company’s internal training is not out, and only from the outside to find.". And the sooner you find out, the less detours you’ll take.

then Alibaba’s first investment in Softbank, Cai Chongxin suggested that Ma rejected Sun Zhengyi’s $40 million Offer, took only $20 million, and gave up a smaller stake. Although the start-up company after a certain period of growth, very need such people, but want to recruit the difficulty is great. And Cai Chongxin said, some elite elite graduates only about MBB McKinsey, Bain consulting, Boston are not even BAT attractive, and entrepreneurial company


the following summarizes some music fan start-ups are most likely to make mistakes in the first year, some of the wrong people looked ridiculous, but believe me, these errors may happen to you.

, let me tell you a few stories before I can untie this knot,

people like Cai Chongxin can’t be trained inside the company. They can only be found from outside. And the sooner you find out, the less detours you’ll take.

in the last century at the beginning of 90s, the company of the buyer is an occupation very hard, because the material is still scarce, and now no network to facilitate access to information, the purchaser was holding money do not know where to buy things is a very common situation. So at that time the emergence of a large number of trading companies, designed to help buyers find things, at that time the market can be considered a seller dominated era, because the number of that time is far less than the seller to buyer. Many sellers are basically the shopkeeper, inside the company waiting to knock at the door.

says that success can not be replicated, but mistakes can be avoided.

and the people who work here, although different industries and companies have mutual disdain for the food chain, but they usually have the following characteristics:

financial health: income is usually good, and the daily expenses are basically Cover, income = assets.

learning tyrants: learning things quickly, usually a famous school background + bright resume, along the way have not encountered major setbacks, most of which is and other learning tyrants fight each other win or lose. Childhood is so smooth, attracting attention, is the elder "other people’s children";

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