How far is Taobao from usMobile bundling model shocks existing sales structure

don’t ask me how far away from success. Online shop is an end: profit. When you have the first pot of gold, you can tell yourself that there are still one hundred and eight thousand miles to success.

from entering the electronic commerce to profit, this is a long process of learning, more aware of their lack of too much knowledge, computer to understand, purchase skills, name, pricing, product promotion, landscaping, shop shop service and product delivery, customer service issues, the management of a store did not what is the difference between.

today, online shop more and more hot, hot to go to the post office delivery can meet many Taobao sellers, if someone asked, do you know what is Taobao, Taobao does not know that it is a very behind things, that is to say you "out".

faces tremendous contrast, some people insist, some people wait and see, someone disheartened leave. After all, confidence comes from every little success, every sure thing. Success can be accumulated and confidence can be accumulated. Only confidence in victory is far from enough and confidence should be combined with practical action. Success grows out of constant failure and accumulation of experience.

Many people think that Taobao

, in Guangzhou mobile global pass preferential purchase activities, the mobile phone manufacturers have shown no effort to support. In addition to promising China Mobile channels, there are also patterns of bundling itself. Many manufacturers said that operators and mobile phone manufacturers bundled sales, providing one-stop service, this marketing model will have a huge impact on the existing mobile phone sales pattern. In the future 3G era, operators will play an increasingly important role in promoting the terminal.

"to promote the development of the industry chain operators as the core"


and operators is an important strategic plan for Sony Ericsson and Sony Ericsson in China, business operators and promote the direction of business development trend is consistent, Ericsson also actively participate in Chinese operators 3G test. In the future, we will cooperate more actively with operators to promote the development of the industry chain with operators as the core.

"in cooperation with the mobile will be more in-depth"

"bundling machine is one of the main way of foreign sales"

bundling, the hardware and service to launch this package, in the western developed countries, is a very common way, is also the mainstream. Operators organize manufacturers to choose the relevant models, in order to set the shape of the package.

online shop is a system engineering, when you’re ready to enter this industry, then you need to give yourself a plan, this plan is established in the real competition you know and understand the extent of the online shop.

learning, continuous learning, is the necessary tool for your success. Before making any decisions, to open shop, with you ready?

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

shop does not need to cost, do not need technology, no risk, do not need to control the goods etc. advantage, when added to Taobao, the real army found; things are not as it is described as beautiful. Originally online shop is not everyone can succeed, it also needs to take up a lot of time and money. There is no profit without risk, it is a fair balance.

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