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a few months later, Wang Peng ran into an acquaintance before doing software agency business customers, advised him to open a shop to try, Wang Peng patted the head, suddenly wake up: "ah! There are a lot of people around the Internet to buy clothes, buy digital products, why not take the standardization of office supplies on the Internet to sell


these days is boring, and to apply, "said mail website construction is not complete, halo ah good by! Why can’t the


Alimama came out of the fun, just take a forum to register an account, don’t just point a few times and a few cents, oh yeah!

who has cracked the Taoist teach me, thank you!

2011, China’s online shopping boom continued to rise, the annual trading scale exceeded the 800 billion mark, Taobao ushered in the golden age of its own development. Wang Peng and his partners decided to do a great job in the field of electricity suppliers


Wang Peng is a native of Sichuan, and a lot of "80" is not the same, he did not choose to go out of college after graduation, "North Canton", but choose ANN, in the home to find a thing to do. In 2010, just out of the campus Wang Peng start with a well-known brand of software agents in a chance of a strange combination of circumstances a year down, a lot of customers visit contact, after he saw a lot of enterprise management software, establish a clear business process, the company operation efficiency is greatly improved, the management becomes more and more standardized, Wang Peng secretly sigh said: "this management software, is really a good stuff!"

think the profit is too small, then cut him.


has sold software and opened offline stores…… Now operates several tens of thousands of sales of Taobao office supplies TOP10 shop, Chengdu clip Agel Ecommerce Ltd responsible for less than 30 years old, Wang Peng smiled and said: "from the beginning of the business group of three people to now lead a team of more than 80 people, I experienced a failure that experienced at a loss, and finally by the home office supplies at this time, five or six years of hard business, to do a firm belief rise head and shoulders above others career always support me struggling to work hard." Today, the 6 day Chengdu shop clip e-commerce company’s total received more than 5000 orders on the water up to more than 20, annual sales exceeded 50 million, entered the Department of Amoy office supplies TOP10, once after 80 entrepreneurial roots "just a few years has grown into a house and a car" handsome "boss.

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then I get my site inki.cn/ test, the result is the same reply!

software through the agency business, in addition to Wang Peng accumulated a "pot of gold", also met a lot of enterprise customers, and even become a good personal friend of a friend. How to reuse these customer resources has become the focus of Wang Peng’s thinking, and later, encouraged by several classmates and friends, we decided to open an office supplies shop. The store is not much, but a few Maotouxiaohuo is motivated, early to the wholesale market purchase, and then distribute leaflets in each school nearby, promotions, and even door-to-door…… Can think of methods are exhausted, the business has been flat, a year-end inventory, rent, utilities and other removal costs, net profit of only 50 thousand yuan, a few boys moment like aubergine – wilted. Experienced this can not be called a successful entrepreneurial attempt, Wang Peng was a bit discouraged, the future somewhat confused.

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