Chinese click Wangzhuan the advantages and disadvantages of automatic payment functionThe 8 criterio

2., a tyrant sister even TermSheet do not understand, every time they find someone to help him share, and successfully invested in a pile of Internet projects, according to last year, it is reported that revenue is not bad, this year, I do not know.


This is Wang Haotou’s 4.

2. low scores of low pay: automatic payment value starting point basically no more than 10 Fen, can improve the enthusiasm of the members of the click, ensure the website advertising fully click in the shortest time, members can earn money in time, certainly more stationmaster more members, stationmaster income increase, is conducive to the healthy development of the website.

investment circle scripts and reality

"investment, those secrets that can’t be said" is the topic of my speech today. The two hottest things in China are probably entrepreneurship and investment.

3. "this project we also cannot read, but we have just arrived in Hangzhou to fund investment, a now the most popular project, with Hangzhou’s buddies to play together, the investment case is good, the effect is also very good." But later, the circle of entrepreneurs are circulating, the fund’s money cheat.

1. members of cheating can not curb fundamentally: since it is the automatic payments, payment standards can be reached and please immediately you can arrive just triggered a massive cheating.

one. Automatic payment side

4. station timely payment is a good start to click Wangzhuan Chinese specification. Chinese click Wangzhuan do not pay or pay off to earn a lot of friends take the initiative to withdraw from this Wangzhuan circle. Integrity Chinese click Wangzhuan the biggest problem, timely payment of station is to maintain the integrity, is Chinese click Wangzhuan beginning of healthy development. I believe there will be more timely payment stations appear.

July 17, 2009 Chinese click Wangzhuan circle appeared a new site called Shandong Wangzhuan, claiming to be the first Chinese click automatic payment station. In the station before stationmaster hair and chatted about the rich uncle automatic payment problems, at that time did not go, because in foreign Wangzhuan click have automatic payment. In fact, do Chinese click Wangzhuan automatic payment station of Shandong Wangzhuan is not the first, in April 2008 the Wangzhuan did automatic payment, but did not succeed, only lasted a week. Shandong Wangzhuan automatic payment after seven golds, rich network, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station Shun said banks have also adopted the automatic payment. Today, uncle Mao talks about the pros and cons of automatically paying for the pros and cons.

Conducive to the development of website of

3. can effectively guarantee the rights of members: Chinese click Wangzhuan station you many dragons and fishes jumbled together, also do not pay fell, angry, rich uncle Mao has deep feelings. The site is now using the automatic payments, the end point of advertising and billing, account no longer than a minute, this is really a good thing. Although not much money, but really. The interests of the members are most secure. In the "Shandong rich uncle Mao" Wangzhuan request 29 times, is 3.92 yuan, but feeling good every day to see the money up money income, other members also believe in the mood. Timely payment is a useful attempt to protect the rights of friends.

1.: reduce the intensity of the work station Chinese click Wangzhuan click on the low score, but the payment of the starting point is low, the starting point of payment Wangzhuan station are generally not more than one yuan, every member of our many webmaster too many to count, therefore unable to respond to complex scorched by the flames, a lot of payment, click Wangzhuan station chose to give up. After the automatic payment occurs, the stationmaster may liberate from the complex payment, has the time to pull more advertisements, does oneself likes the matter.

you can see that almost every television station has entrepreneurial programs, entrepreneurship has been entertainment and sports, but entrepreneurship is actually quite a tough thing. Well, today I’m going to talk to you about some fun stuff in business. What’s the fire? It’s absurd. To share with you, we met some interesting things in the investment, I call it the business journal, first say, these are in the online scripts.

October 18, 2016, I have guests at the first annual summit in Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing. At the meeting, Yan Li, founding partner of Fu Fu investment fund, delivered a keynote speech. In his speech, he mentioned some of the investment circles and secrets, sharing eight criteria for investors to judge the track and six criteria for judging the founder’s intelligence. "Business is long, and more often than not, you have to suffer and endure loneliness.". The foundation of creativity and creativity is independent thinking, and the premise of independent thinking is freedom of thought. The movement without independent thinking is that entrepreneurship must be a crime and it will be a great waste."

project, we want to play with Wang Hao, Wang Hao results never participated in the board of directors, even WeChat are not together, just know later, Wang Hao is famous for work, later, Wang Hao said bankruptcy >

Abstract: we often see a lot of entrepreneurs to come to us, such as restaurants, you see the Chinese 1 billion 300 million people 1 billion 400 million people, everyone must eat you market? That we call it the public market, the public market actually did not tell you what. We want to focus on the markets that are relevant to you now and the markets that may be relevant to you in the future.

two. Automatic payment side

below is a wonderful speech:

1. is an entrepreneur, found a big talk, talk business model is a big loss, so entrepreneurs began, about their bitter history, big brother very touched, tears on Entrepreneur’s shoulder and said, young man, I love you, and then cast. Later, there was no later.

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