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I remember deeply six years ago I took a resume to interview all over the world look, with profound respect and humility mentality, vague enunciation. Three years ago was seduced into the high-rise building elevator into the executive manager of the office of the impression, I do not know why they stay in my mind so profound, especially the serious interviewer gave me a uniform and monotonous impression: powerful, serious, machine like cold, feeling of suffocation, oppression… Surreal feeling, did not see a trace of unreal and idealism.

in the past few years, I seem to have become a person I do not know.

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if we put our spring stretched too tightly, and give a more colorful life.

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once sensitive, shy, emotional, but now even want to go sentimental, nothing seems to squeeze that lost time.

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we are more and more responsible, and more and more progress, but more and more away from the most original and most liberal themselves, this is a gain or failure?


I have tried along the footprints of youth once again set foot on the left and the memory of that beautiful imagination, but also in any case.

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life in addition to fuel, as well as poetry and distance.

often heard the song "filled with a thousand regrets we do not crazy old, looking ahead, are struggling to live as if we are fuel, obliterate the feelings and life full of passion, like a sharp stone to erase the edges.

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80’s peers, we are no longer young, but still with the heart of youth, reluctant to let go.

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ideal and reality are not parallel, but are mutually exclusive at another latitude. Once aspiring to the reality is always cruel to expose the truth, money, power Losers are always in the wrong., Babel, this is a romantic, emotional survival does not want to talk about things but also how not open around.


League address: ete.cn

settlement cycle: weekly closing

now, I find that I seem to be on that kind of road.

once was warm and free. He did not want to be bound by any rules or thoughts of time, but now he is trying to restrain others.


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

2016, six years from graduation. For six years, more than 2000 days, what we got, and what’s gone.

audit method: media audit.

whether people become more mature, that is, more and more realistic, no longer romantic, fantasy, freedom in any space.

more and more material, but more and more spiritual is not satisfied. People seem to never deal with the relationship between the two, in the most beautiful youth, always covet the power of wealth, after the wealth, and will desperately find feelings.

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