Webmaster class website big PK

this article is purely from the perspective of personal evaluation, because of my limited knowledge, please.

I know the webmaster class website is also very much, on today PK Taiwan following these three, please see their Alexa near June traffic ranking comparison chart (as of 2008.10.18)


personal comments,

is currently the first Chinaz brand, old, used to go, and now occasionally to see

currently second im286 is also a veteran webmaster communication forum, I do not go, but the backward brothers everywhere to see

at third Admin5 compared to the former is new Adsense exchange guarantee, nearly a year to Edinburgh

Chinaz news is really weak, are some very mainland information, the webmaster’s article to publish his home page is difficult,

his main source of traffic is his Alexa query channel, and his source code, download, and webmaster tools.

im286 is forum exchange, no other projects. Commercial flavor is lighter, perhaps is the reason that everybody likes to go more.

Admin5 webmaster communication + transaction guarantee, webmaster hair articles obviously more than Chinaz, publishing speed is also fast, trading BBS guarantee transaction is also very distinctive. Traffic is not as good as the first two, and other channels are not well constructed. Of course, the station should be primary and secondary clear, but other tools, such as the webmaster source code, material can do a good job, driving traffic and trading volume

Adsense class currently mainly rely on the league or host or domain name advertising, and even their own agent and business to make money

can consider the form of Witkey actually, the guarantee of Admin5 transaction is a kind of Witkey, and a lot of demand in this respect.

simply sum up, Chinaz traffic may be the largest, it is best to make money, but has been in accordance with this model is going downhill. Im286 can also consider transactions, guarantees and Witkey form, after all, good reputation. Admin5 is very flexible, as long as the flow is pulled up, there will be greater development.

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