Webmaster experience do products like Ali heavy platform to help extend


strategy was all along as a business intelligence to evaluation, whether it is building its own platform, or social power to join, and even put the living room strategy, every step of the action has been widely concerned about Ali you. It can be said that Ali as an Internet technology giant, its operational wisdom and strategy, it is worth every webmaster to learn.

, and I as a participant in the electricity supplier, but also from Ali’s strategic adjustment and product marketing system, learned a lot of things. And I personally think that a long-term development thinking in the operation of the product also occupies an important position, then I learned how to learn from Ali’s experience, the following to talk about my own views.

to the development of diffraction. The basic business Ali is the electricity supplier, through Taobao, Ali has gradually formed its own product chain, also has a good control for the flow, not only that, through ten years of operation, Taobao has become the first brand, Chinese business based on this, Ali began to re layout of their own independent products, Tmall, High German investment and unfamiliar street, Ali will footprint infiltrated into all areas, to implement the existing product resources, channels and user support. In such a large environment, through certain planning, operating capacity, through the so-called product restrictions, so that the realization of the flow of value to the greatest extent, and to some extent, reduce waste of resources.

as much as possible from the point of view of traffic and business. A lot of times, the webmaster is always driven by the trend of the industry, rather than take the initiative to change creation, which makes each of us are followers of others. This is a development of the inferior, but Ali is different, Ali fully consider their own business features, from the platform to the data, and then to the financial transactions, Ali always mining potential of Alipay, which is more suitable to the financial reform and the needs of the transaction, and Ali box as well as the acquisition of Sina video is starting from consumers’ family values, is developed from the source of traffic. Ali’s active development capabilities really make people praise. It is inspired by this, I do in the process of Moutai for wine sales, pay more attention to the electricity supplier and the actual process of communication, in addition to the network platform also uses interpersonal relations from the needs of the source, as much as possible mining transactions may.

Ali’s cutting-edge has been reflected in a lot of time. The construction of a rookie network highlights this wisdom to a certain extent. However, the emergence of rookie network is not entirely a burst of wisdom, but Ali concerns about the basic business. Everyone knows, the core of the electricity supplier is platform, payment and logistics. Ali did more than ten years of electricity providers, too understand the importance of logistics, and now we fight the quality of service era, Ali in order to grasp the trend of the industry, it is necessary to gather in the logistics information on the next effort.


understands this also does in order to basic services to do, this shows that even if the commercial giant, expanding its territory should also be in the basic architecture of the service provider, user support is always the core, aggressive and radical though will make the website >

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