The role of zbolg articles automatically saved


Xu Guoxiang believe that the majority of zbolg friends will meet the article written, suddenly "no response, not operation, at that time I was very depressed, very not easy to code so many words, the result is not, again, my heart wanted to curse, Jingzhou SEO Xu Guoxiang also began from scratch start to write, do not know zbolg has its own recovery, just how many seconds are seen in the save time to write the article, actually this is the zbolg with its own recovery, so don’t worry about the future of" turn off the start over again

one, how to resume writing their own article,

1, we directly from the background of new articles, the direct recovery will see we recently saved data, the general is the words we wrote before the interrupt, then we can direct those who write, don’t have to start from scratch.


2, we write the article will automatically save a place in our space, we will find the path to view when saved, we do not need to enter the FTP space to see, directly in the background inside the "file management" the inside you can see our articles written by the temporary storage the place is in the cache folder inside the




actually, we can restore it in the first way, and the second is just to tell you where to keep it, and to make sure friends know where our posts are temporarily stored,

two, the article automatically saves the shortcomings of

When the

is automatically saved, we can restore the recovery of the contents of the article, we write the article title and tags is unable to recover, so when Xu Guoxiang is now writing to the content of the finish, and finally to write the title of the article and tags, so it is not to write those things second times. May be some friends, there is a better way, welcome to talk with Xu Guoxiang, Xu Guoxiang is the use of temporary measures to do so, I hope my friends can find better, hope can help to those who do not know the use of the function of friends, after you write articles do not have to work so hard, oh


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