The stationmaster grew up on his own confidence

my station has been on the server for almost two months. Because of the lack of time, a lot of related work has not been done yet. Speak out, not afraid of jokes, links are beginning to perfect. Today, when the exchange link, really hit people, I heard the most is sorry, but I still do not reduce confidence, new Adsense may have such a process, people will grow.

in many of the rejected sound, there is a very touched me, he said, you feel shy, although the station is very good, but because it is new, we cannot do you exchange links, but we always pay attention to your station, we will take the initiative to contact you at that time is ripe. When I see this kind of words, I really don’t know what language to reply, touched the hearts of the unspeakable, I think for a moment before he went back to such a word, thank you very much! Maybe he read my mind, a smiling face. I understood what he meant, and yes, in a few short words, he spoke of human friendship.


novice, each new, each new project, at the beginning, it is difficult, there are a lot of situation is not unexpected, I come to A5 for almost a year, there is a saying has influenced me, I believe that the same sentence also affects other webmaster, do "the station should insist on" this sentence you are familiar with all understand!! but it is really hard to do, after all, do not stop the car. The whole process involves a lot of problems with technology, art, marketing, teams, and money. The lack of a difficult, for individual webmaster it is hard. Do not think that the previous station tired, bitter ah what, it is because we know that there are many people are making money, the more important reason is that he is not the webmaster, really, not alone do not know your material m bu. Just when I was a webmaster, I knew everything was not the same. It was not so easy as I thought. I respect those webmaster predecessors, but to not because they earn much money, but that they adhere to the spirit of respect; I also admire people will become the new owners, not because they are a talented, but that they admire the courage to catch up from behind.

new webmaster to the old webmaster growth process is the most beautiful, especially when the website just established, what capital have not, make an exchange link, also everywhere rebuffed. I think there may be confidence, every old webmaster is so come over. Came through confidence.

is today link exchange is to enhance our confidence, in fact, in turn to what did not, you have a big station, a new station to do a free link with you, you may refuse to refuse, you know. In the big world of the Internet, there should be no, only the efforts of their own efforts. No one should do anything for you. Don’t put your hopes on others, but don’t build your confidence on the hopes and help of others. In a word, "the webmaster stands on his own confidence,"

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