The webmaster don’t ask for the moon

The reason for this title is

, now I found some webmaster friends too fantasy, all day to their station overnight on IP10000, how to overnight by Baidu Sohu after then buying! How to earn it overnight one hundred and eighty thousand


as for me, I’m Windows professional network station, station was just a few days, I will study this study is a home that, busy awfully, but some webmaster, but in the QQ asked me how to get GGAD check in a few days! I found you. Really cattle, the website didn’t do two days, just want to get the GGAD check! It is a bit unrealistic! So I return to his sentence, he must first concentrate on the station, after a while, he came to ask me how to do can make a lot of money Oh! A good, want to make a lot of money webmaster! Do, is doing it slowly, whether do, do what is good, it is a step by step to, is to build a house have to first build it from the ground! We the webmaster, all day and night stick display Before, hungry to eat instant noodles, sleepy little rest! What is our picture? Some people just love the world that opportunistic, money is a very easy thing, that they sit at home will have a check to send him over! I advise those people, do not envy those who the webmaster has made a lot of money, their hard work can you see? Who can understand their grievances? They sweat only they know how much


, if you see this article, you are such a webmaster, I would advise you one, down-to-earth, with action instead of fantasy

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