Web content determines the future of the site

Besides the architecture design, interactive design and visual design, the

website has a very important point, that is, the content of the website. We must first think about why users will come to your website when the website design, you can provide what kind of content for the user, what kind of function (help), how do you show your content? From the user’s point of view, to understand your site. Remember to understand the users in the website. Users are very busy, they are impatient, and a short time can not find what you want, will be angry to go away, you will lose such a user.

users use the site as if the user were talking to you, and when a conversation becomes a donkey’s mouth, the user gets mad and then gets angry and walks away from you. The user’s temperament can seriously affect the user’s impression of the site, and the content of the web site for the angry, anxious and stressed users is particularly clear and simple. The idea to record the user to record the user’s words, understanding of users in the description of their needs and the language in this way, we can know the users usually use what kind of vocabulary in the preparation of website content. For users to have successful experiences on the web, people have to find what they need, understand what they find, and do the right thing based on the user’s understanding.

people came to the site is always with a certain purpose or in order to complete a task, there is little because the site looks nice to learn to (some designers in order to design some excellent websites with pure vision and visit the website. Users search on the website), expect to get your answer, the best way is to do the website user dialogue, users and what questions or need, "to the rapid feedback, and gives the user the solution. However, the site itself does not speak, and the user comes to the site with a lot of questions. The site is designed to solve the user’s problems.

Internet users rarely to read (in addition to concern this blog content based website), the user on the web page is the most browsing information, compared to computer reading, the paper reads than the page text texture is more cordial, because of this, we need to consider the user the habit of browsing information in the design of website content, reduce lengthy text to stack. The website text appears large section, the user looks sad. "The text can brief brief writing, when writing a text, be sure to carefully read the page can be deleted, the text should be presented to the user is the key word, the" space occupied avoid talk downright nonsense.

in the edit website content, extensive contents of written several parts and marked the title, so that the user can read when reading the title to understand the content, so that users don’t have cost a lot of time reading the chapters they don’t need. Of course, the title of the chapter is meant to outline a passage, so the title needs to be carefully pressed

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