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interpretation of the double eleven shopping Carnival once a year, we may just see netizens crazy panic buying scene and the major domestic electricity supplier platform huge orders, but it is hard to think of problems encountered behind the electricity supplier website network paralysis. Last year’s double eleven, site visits and Jingdong Taobao mall than usual increase by more than 200%, user traffic surge and complex data interaction causes the server to crash, brought great influence to the Internet shopping experience. Crazy promotions this year eleven electricity suppliers increase, turnover is a breakthrough in the past data records, all the way up; in the face of site visits and efficient data processing capability of such a huge challenge, businesses how to ensure the rapid and stable operation of the server, which is the nine river network is for you on the topic.

it is understood that this year in order to double eleven smoothly, the Alibaba has been in preparation for more than 60 thousand servers in the double eleven, including more than 20 thousand new Taiwan, using server cluster to deal with the high frequency of visits and huge data processing request, it also set up a network engineer team stationed 48 hours, to ensure the normal and stable operation of the server overall, although the investment costs are very large, but the order turnover does make people think beyond, the majority of businesses Ali apparently unattainable server solutions very mature. Well, how to ensure the stable operation of the small and medium sized business platform during festival promotion?

1. Selecting servers with high availability is the basic requirement of

in order to ensure the stability of the server, businesses should choose high availability servers for high availability server understanding, most customers think fast and stable security can be, here is the nine river network can only say that this is a relatively simple easy to understand, but more important is also the most customers should not be overlooked is the extension the strength of the server configuration, and the fact that most of the customers in the site construction in order to reduce the cost of investment, but according to the current business development needs to choose cheap low-end servers, for its own development ability does not care, once encountered a request web server or a huge flow of high frequency frequently collapse down, this time through enhancing the overall performance the server to solve this problem is also a good way to emergency, but if too expand the server itself Weak, upgrade work will be a very troublesome headache.

two, make emergency plan

server downtimeAlthough

has high performance server support the normal operation of websites, but businesses have also set a server emergency scheme, many things are often unexpected for us, once beyond the expected controllability we will be greatly reduced, for site visits we cannot accurately estimate data, especially the holiday promotion day, may traffic soared beyond the maximum load bearing by the server, resulting in paralysis of the server strikes. If this time, the merchant has done a temporary expansion of hardware, data decentralization and emergency program, then this problem can be solved quickly, the site shipped normally

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