What are some of the things build on campus forums

me and the campus forums. It should be said that getting along with the forum is a very interesting thing. One student, because she wants to help another student to apply for the forum’s account number, she doesn’t have an e-mail box, so she took my account. But the account password of any forum was sent by email. As a result, one day in a certain month, I opened the mailbox I didn’t use for a long time. I found the mail and looked into it.

then began with the forum first intimate contact, just get what also do not understand, Zhuanzhuan East West look, suddenly found a section of our school, ha ha, finally found the organization, every day never skin on irrigation, imperceptibly mixed on the owner of the position.

after a period of time, suddenly feel that this forum is strange, after all, a separate section can not reflect the whole of our school, under an impulse, decided to make a forum for their own schools.

now feel that time is really silly, on the site of knowledge HTM, ASP are absolutely ignorant of what, like mumbo-jumbo. This is a passion for me along the way, don’t know is that? Asked? Confucius said: I ask, is thoroughly implement the central idea of Confucius, the friend on the network tired just want to hit the wall.

Qiazhiyisuan, staggered over a year, the forum has basically has a look, the campus life and the boys and girls, that is to do well the other section needs to be improved, but also can predict the future, show popular area, after all, now is an era of individuality.

the road is very long, but I will keep going on, keep in mind the words of Chairman Mao: determined to overcome all difficulties to win


below is my own campus BBS experience, I hope to give a hint to my friends later, don’t walk my crooked road again.

1, establish forum


forum is the forum to do their own space in your administrator bought. 200M Almighty space, the domain name spent a total of 200 yuan. Speed, after-sales service in all aspects of good, in the network to see a lot of friends to buy space cheated experience, I have been secretly pleased, less traveled a detour.

forum program is to use the mobile network, from program installation to style import, personalized landscaping, are friends to help get. I looked at the side, confused face. At this very moment, I have made up my mind to make good use of myself. After all, I can not always bother others. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~,

2, publicity forum


and other aspects of the forum were completed, I started the propaganda work of the forum. First of all, the name of the forum, since it is a forum for our school, it must be your own school

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