How did my game website work

my site is a special game site, this game is "meteor butterfly sword", many fans believe that N should be aware of the game, the game has now fallen to such a business, the end of the game is too easy, but no way, I’m a man’s love after the game, the game once you play to a certain level, any other games in your eyes are not worth a hair. Of course, I say this is proven, that I know the meteor butterfly sword master has this idea, many other game player should be a brick? Oh, of course you can seriously play this game a year, you might agree with me that view.

, and the reason why this game is down at the end is that there are many reasons, the program is not tight, and the plug-in is rampant. Well, propaganda isn’t enough. Getting started is almost the hardest game, and it’s starting to be boring. No, let’s talk about it. You’ll think I’m doing propaganda, huh?


like this special game site, if you want to do a good job, the most important and one of the most effective way is to you I want to play tricks in this game, to a certain degree of Fame (strong fame), generally popular celebrity most probably it did not actually happen, you can level by a lot of people, if there is the premise that your site rise much faster than other sites, itself will naturally attract a lot of game player.

the success of a website needs to have to rely on a lot of factors, in addition to your game a little fame, your site should be attractive and do some SEO, say first how to create a special kind of game website to attract, I with my own website, my website name: mountain community. A website featuring meteor, butterfly, sword and meteor online, and the best way to create attractions is to do activities, which are unique, only your web site. My website, for example, is a meteor, butterfly, sword, weapon (http://s.bqp.lj5x.com),

PS: edit if you feel the above address cannot leave it, keep the following trouble this Baidu pictures, Baidu pictures remote map.


I just want to give you a demonstration so that everyone can see more clearly.

believe that knowledge of meteor butterfly sword all the people know that this game has nine main weapon, and this is my weapon spectrum as the basic point, each weapon I have set up spectrum characters, so let the others who challenge the post challenge challenge, people use the same weapons and spectrum characters battle, if the success of OK, brush spectrum, challenge people on the spectrum, the brush was into the brush list. In this way, the characters on the spectrum can not be singled out for one month, and then enter the "weapon spectrum" in the month, and continue on the following

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