Are you really ready to be a community

believes that many webmaster in the process of doing the Internet have done the idea of community, and even some webmaster friends may be operating, or have operated a community class web site.

has to say that the community website looks really attractive. A relatively mature community website, users have stable flow, the exchange between the members to form a virtuous cycle, owners need to do the work seems to be the only deal with advertising and maintain server.

compared to the content of the site, the webmaster does not need to content construction, just need to Discuz or NodeBB BBS source set up, and a good plate and region, a station will come out. Its sense of accomplishment is far higher than the wordpress blog building, and the rest of the work seems to promote only.

not really. In fact, many community websites are established every year, and most of them can not escape the fate of giving up. Of course, after the operation of the community class website, it is indeed more than the blog from the media destination website more forced, but its operating costs and energy requirements are also very high.

next, let’s take a closer look at the topic.


wrote this topic because a few days ago to see the former IconFans UI, China announced the acquisition of millet lead, thunderstorm capital and eagle fund with millions of yuan investment in angel financing news.

said here, maybe many friends still don’t know the relation between this topic and this topic. In fact, IconFans is a "designer" as the center of interactive communities. IconFans on-line in July 2007, after 8 years of completion of the magnificent turn, no matter how the future development, I have to say very enviable.

so should we try to be a community,

?Is the

community really good,


, if you just build a community web site, it’s really simple.

but that is only the first step, many owners also attracted the first step of the simple place, into the community operation field.

The difficulty of

operating a community is far greater than the difficulty of running a content station because content stations are built primarily on content and complemented by SEO. As long as website positioning and content quality and SEO are well done, it will take time to run. Most of the work has a fixed process, and it doesn’t need much innovation. It is better to say that if you are too innovative in content or SEO, it can easily lead to more harm than good.

and the community is different, community websites not only have content maintenance, but also more to do user relationship maintenance. Rules need to be made to the user’s actions >

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