Baidu collection practice experience summary

Baidu, the world’s largest Chinese search system. For Chinese websites, it affects more than any search system. I believe that all Chinese webmaster promotion website, the first thing to do is to let Baidu included. If a Chinese station is not included in Baidu, it is equal to the broken sentence (not an exaggeration). That just like me, just built a friend, how can you be faster included by Baidu? Here is my station was included in the summary of Baidu, there may be some place is not correct, but also ask everyone to correct.

first: the overall structure of the site, personal feel good URL structure is very beneficial to Baidu, too long, too difficult to understand the URL, it is not easy to collect.

second: keyword density, that is, page HEAD intermediate information. The best thing to do with content is not to make meaningless keywords. Keywords and titles are for people, not machines. Just imagine if your title is very long and messy, even if it was collected by Baidu, it was searched by the user. Who else is going to see such a mess?. No one sees, Baidu included your website, also won’t bring what flow.

third: import external links, some people may feel that the external links the more the better, in fact, but not outside the chain is certainly not, so do some content relevance, Baidu frequently updated. Of course, PR is better,


fourth: after the new station online, try not to change TITLE. Baidu SITE no results, does not mean that he did not included. Maybe it just wasn’t released. If you adjust and modify TITLE during this time. May lead to a long time not included.

fifth: to ensure that the above points can be done in place, then the last thing is to ensure the speed of the site server, which is also a crucial role, my server suffered the suffering of instability. I stood last month, space often can not open, leading to now included very slow. The quantity is also very small.

sixth: appropriate in the BBS hair some posts, post content in the middle of your site URL. I go to "Baidu knows", answer the question that knows, not too much. Easy to think of cheating)

of course, you have to have a little bit of content, it is better not to copy all others, and even questions are not changed. This paper consists of (www.web2bar.cn) feeds.

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