How to solve the problem of easy operation

to the webmaster friends for easy operation, construction difficult basically has become a consensus, especially when the rise of website development tools, to build a website from the original pure manual transition to full scale now, greatly enhance the website speed, when someone in the construction of L-carnitine station group. Even one day on the construction of dozens of stations, which in previous years almost unimaginable.

, but now, as Baidu’s intelligence levels continue to improve. Through the program construction site has not been Baidu shielding, but such sites operate in the future, there will be a lot of difficulties, especially for the construction of the station program in full accordance with the default template, which makes the emergence of many similar websites on the Internet, which made Baidu the sensitivity of extreme decline, resulting in operating site more and more difficult.

of course, even now is a custom construction site, and to optimize the structure of the site, is a want to improve the website operators also do not see very easy, in fact it is very difficult, so what are the ways to solve the problem? The writer think can from the following aspects to deal with.

first, improve work efficiency. Now a lot of Web site operators to a period of time, became a zombie website, a very important reason is that every day will be your work row too slow, no matter what things need to be hands-on, daily work is earlier than the chicken, sleep later than prostitutes, in this super load work like body, how can insist for a long time? So as a webmaster must make their own work every day, do things to pay attention to the construction of the outline of the button, the content and the chain, and daily data backup and security management, and the work list, and then spend less time to complete so, website operation becomes a very easy thing, so it can realize the long-term adherence.

second to enhance the uniqueness of the website. This is an important magic weapon for operating websites. Because now the Internet is the lack of such a unique site, such as others operating portal, I operate vertical portal, and even industry portal. Other operators electronic business platform, I will come to share the electricity supplier shopping experience. So you can make the content of the website is out of the ordinary, although may get more traffic in a short time, but with the passage of time, this unique content will tend to absorb more of the target users, so as to improve the site traffic and profits. Of course, in addition to content, also need from the architecture and website design to create its own unique attributes, which is beneficial to improve the affinity of Baidu, and thus enhance the website ranking, which help to increase website traffic is undoubtedly, while increasing site traffic, provides a large number of promotility in the webmaster obviously yes, so as to enhance the webmaster will insist for a long time.

third, enhance website value. This is an important prerequisite for the operation of modern websites. We operate websites not only to make money, but also to make money through service, if we do not change this concept

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