How to run a good local portal

There are a lot of

on the Internet to see the opportunity, we can not hold, if you can quickly bring their fresh ideas into practice and it’s easy to get their own success, such as the original hao123, and happy net, began when who knows some websites like success they may not be copied, but we can learn some methods about the operation of the site from behind their success, we are going to talk about some ideas of how to run a good local portal site


local portal has the media, community and e-commerce. So, local portal site will operate from the three aspects, to make their sites become distinctive, so that users can actually feel the local portal site brought home identity, so that we can feel the wonderful experience on the portal site inside, in order to cultivate a large number of loyal users, so it can be a good local portal website development, then we’ll talk about the specific operation method of the


1: local hot topics need to know how to use

local portal site will definitely not news, hot news and some local events, the focus is certainly unavoidable, of course, these events had better not involve some political aspects, such as housing prices, the livelihood of the people ah, of course entertainment news is not less, but for these events to the title elsewhere Xincai, so as to attract people, but also conducive to search engine included, of course, these topics do not write too much, generally 35 days a text is good


two: online promotion, offline activities

The construction of

website nature cannot do without the promotion, so is the local portal, local portal promotion generally according to the psychological needs of users, to the relevant website to send some targeted content, and then write some good article for the promotion, for example to A5 write, is a good choice for promotion! The line is often use some of the activities, to some local market ah engage in some performances, and then send some small gifts, of course, these small gifts to your site name and URL


three: seriously update the website and maintain the website

In fact, the

website is very fragile, if you don’t maintain it, it is prone to problems, such as by other competitors instead, search engine does not come, so every update the content of the website and the maintenance of the website is very important, usually updated daily one or two article original article, you can also update some false original, collect some local information, such as the sale of information, information house ah so, so it can attract more people to get some information from your local site, so for the future of advertising play good pulse based


final summary, although this article only talked about three local portal website operation method, actually must run the good website to be able to be far more than these

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