Talking about Baidu and Google collection of new sites

recently, Baidu and Google began to include my station www.pipiflash.com, and this talk about Baidu and Google for new sites included. Baidu and Google are SEO’s two main targets, and also China’s two biggest competitors. This article makes a subjective analysis of the different attitudes of these two search engines to new sites.

Google to new sites are generally famous "sandbox effect sandbox", recently appeared as a kind of what I guess "single page sandbox" phenomenon, as for what is the sandbox I think we can go to other search engines to check, it’s easy to find.


Google in included in the new speed is generally slow, rarely included the number, but recently it seems to be more in line with China conditions, greatly accelerated the speed of the frequency and the number of included, as will be how to develop, currently not determined, continue to maintain attention.

here’s the main talk about Baidu. Before the garbage station friends on the Baidu evaluation is included, rankings included fast, fast, it is also true, because before the dumpster crowd is so much, so the Internet on the repetition rate is not too high, and a large number of Baidu to take collection mode fast included more in line with the original Chinese conditions, but with the increasing number of owners, the increase in the number of garbage station, this included and ranking more and more to the quality of Baidu’s search results, so Baidu began to take some changes for 3 months at the end of 07 not included a new station and two Baidu data file is adjusted to direct the performance but also increase the K station and efforts to review the new development efforts, until now a week included a new station, the station often appears a sensitive topic for several months not included. In this case, if Baidu says it’s the result of their algorithm, I’m not sure.

from the new change of attitude towards Google, ferocious, 07 years Google has changed 400 times a day on average algorithm, a change not only, almost all of them to the problem of ranking algorithm to solve the problem, 08 years crazy included new sites, partly in order to increase their competitiveness. On the other hand is also likely to improve this algorithm Chinese block search, and test the new algorithm, a few days ago, Google appeared in a rare day change many times the search results, probably for this purpose.

contrary, Baidu attitude may be garbage station make dizzy head, a lot of people’s original site and even many high-quality web sites are not included for a long time, including the site of this original site.

personally, I’m more and more inclined to Google now, because the search results of Google are indeed becoming more and more in line with our wishes

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