Shopping search cut into the online shopping market online shopping prospects mixed

online shopping, I believe everyone is not strange, basically all young people have had online shopping experience. Online shopping products and patterns are becoming more and more rich, and gradually become a young group of fashionable lifestyle. Especially in recent times, "swine flu" global range of influence, online shopping is more popular, but also to promote the development of online shopping industry. Since the buyer’s market demand for online shopping is growing, the seller’s market naturally continues to increase the scale, which is the inevitable result of market supply and demand.

27 station network admin5.com message "Google China launched shopping search: indirect entry online shopping market, Google has been anxious, cannot give a good online shopping market submissively, hastily launched shopping search function, meet the people’s demand for online shopping market, also took the opportunity to share a cup of soup. In fact, as early as the launch of Google shopping search, Baidu in October 2008 launched the "ah", enter the C2C e-commerce market, although the effect is less than taobao.com, was full of sound and colour. In January 2009, NetEase launched a shopping search to cut into the e-commerce market with the B2C search model. Google is now entering the field, do not know whether it can A new force suddenly rises., catch up from behind the


now the Internet society, e-commerce is the future trend, online shopping will eventually become a way of life. Just so many people poured into this market, how to plan the market, how to make the online shopping industry more perfect, change the name of vice, in fact, there is a long way to go. To the largest online shopping business Taobao, for example, brush reputation, sellers non-standard, substandard goods example. As long as these problems are not resolved a day, the Internet users can not guarantee the safety of online shopping, online shopping market will be difficult to get orderly and healthy development.

online shopping market needs participants first, that stores consciously abide by the rules of the game.

brush credibility is not Taobao advocate, but stores do, is unfair competition, in the interests of the trend, ignoring moral constraints, rush into danger will not refuse under any circumstances. Online shopping security requires participants to follow the rules of the game, accept legal and ethical constraints, and compete properly. Although brush reputation can bring temporary economic benefits, but in the long run, will eventually be permanently closed shop risk. Industry is not guaranteed, it is impossible to develop in a healthy and orderly way. Moreover, the quality of the goods offered by online shopping providers is not guaranteed. Once, online shopping has become a synonym for piracy and shoddy products for a while. In addition, the quality of the store itself has also affected the development of the entire online shopping industry, Taobao stores retaliation buyers news also heard. Online shopping market needs integrity, integrity is the foundation of the development of the industry.

online shopping market also requires businesses to develop detailed and specific rules of the game.

27 news, Taobao called on competitors to boycott online shop reputation, this is the first time Taobao for the current concern outside the shop credibility credibility issues made similar appeal. According to the "stir up speculation" incident, Taobao merchants are not in "No.

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