To do business well we must know the two principles and four major methods of writing

writing a title is one of the basic qualities of running a dog. A good title means an interest in reading. Writing a title at the same time also means that you have a good idea of how the whole article is written. The tone starts with the title.

recently circle of friends turn fire an article is written by Li Jiaoshou "why would you write from hi type copy", is mainly written copy in the said people often stand in the perspective of self to write a cold "Mandarin", rather than standing in the user perspective to write a "person words".

this article summarizes 4 kinds of writing the title of the formula, to summarize some of the core elements, let you directly apply, can be directly used in your work, it is more practical significance.


is talking about the specific copy Title formula, let’s make sure that we write a paragraph and write down a title that should be paid attention to.

‘s first principle: speak like a dude,

The common feature of

99%’s failure to write is to say nothing.

uses an online product taught by an American foreign teacher as an example. Do not write anything: This product has been approved by the State Education Commission, what is the only designated XX, through what IOS9001 certification, do not say anything. If you recommend this course to your buddies, what would you recommend? You would say, "lie down", in this class, the same as in the United states. OK, this is a person to person written copy.


people not to spread and communicate in written language, so you write a written copy, the user can read, but he is not to speak, do not put the words to listen to others, you will ruin the spread of.

second principles: speak clearly,

you write a copy, whether you write a business slogan, or write a paragraph of micro-blog or blog, your purpose is to let everyone share, resulting in 2, 3 communication. Let’s make sure that the user understands A before it can be transmitted to the user B. For example, an aunt in the village with the other aunt said "Wumart supermarket to buy 5 liters Luhua peanut oil, buy 2 get 1", all because of this copy of the aunt rush about telling the news around spreading, the message is clear. If the supermarket activities write "shopping in the supermarket with a mysterious gift, nobody would buy it and spread, aunt A quietly with aunt B said quietly," ah, the supermarket has a mysterious gift "? It sounds funny is not good.


emphasizes *3, writes the copy, is for lets everybody see, afterwards is very easy, is willing to put this paragraph of speech to other people to listen.

the question is over, let’s get back to this copy of the textbook. Let’s talk about several ways to write headlines and try to summarize some of the rules

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