Spend less time on promotion and spend more time doing content

now many webmaster is for how to improve the flow of their own website and distress, and now summed up the station a year of website promotion experience: less time to do promotion, more time to do content.

from the start station should have " content is king " thought, we should do what kind of website, which is mainly for the people, what kind of information they can end our website, this information is what kind of visitors…… These are all we do in front of the station should be considered, then we have to do a website to know whether the industry or is versed in, because if we do not understand their own websites, which have come true


planning these, started for the formation of the website, the website after the run, the most important part is the content, content come from? I was summed up, the website content is best original (or pseudo original), not only because of the search engine, and you imagine if visitors come to your website, see what he had seen in the other site, he will find your site

?The next step is to promote

, in fact, our webmaster friends are all thinking of how to promote their own websites, while ignoring the why to popularize a website, I personally feel that the website promotion is to let more want to get information provided by our website visitors know our website, rather than simply in order to get the average increase of IP. Now there are too many spam stations on the Internet. I think the dumpster is a website that ignores the content of the site for the sake of IP. Every day they do boring postings, do what they call "promotion", and get some browsers who don’t want to get their website information at all, for the sake of this short-term income,


summed up, regardless of your current traffic is high or low, as long as the relentless improvement of the content of the site, I believe that one day your site will be recognized!


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