Network marketing must recognize the brand effect only the user participation is the promotion of k

for network marketing, the network on similar articles is also very much. But for network marketing show has its own idea. Show son think, for network marketing is not simply keyword ranking. To tell the truth, it’s too narrow. If you think keywords ranking is network marketing. Can only say that for network promotion, you only know the fur. Perhaps some people listened to very unhappy, said: "do not do what rank?" yes, network promotion does not do rankings, what this can be said to be a lot of people’s doubts. Show Zi contact the Internet for more than a year, the case is not many hands, for the search engine for ranking, I believe that many webmaster friends are unable to say when the difficulties. Show son in this put forward network promotion can’t rely on keywords ranking to support the family, there is a certain reason. The following show son to analyze.

first, keyword ranking unstable,

I think all search engine optimization friends, no one can promise to his customers, you can help customers to achieve the first few, or at any time can certainly make some keywords do. Because we’re not search engines. Then keyword ranking instability, will let your site traffic with keywords ranking fluctuation and more or less. If your site is unlucky enough, then you just wait to cry.

second, simply rely on search engines do rankings, the site does not get popular.

some people say, I just want to do a good job in the website rankings, you can get very high traffic, in fact, you are wrong. A really high traffic website, not just by site keywords ranking. Show son think a good web site is to rely on content to retain people, not ranking, retain people. Of course, for the early words, ranking still has some effect. But in order to attract repeat customers, the content of the station is undoubtedly the most important. If you open a shop on a busy street, there’s nothing attractive in the store, and even if customers come into your store, they won’t spend too much time in your store. So, next time you’re passing here, do you think it’s possible to go in,


third, in today’s Internet to reach nearly 500 million of the site, keyword optimization ranking has been unable to outshine others.

according to official data, at present the website of the Internet already achieved 500 million websites, this is what huge data. So, if you’re thinking of just getting a big profit from the key rankings, then you’re really OUT?. Brand building is the way to development. For the above show son raised these, although not very comprehensive analysis, by keyword ranking to network marketing limitations. However, in a sense, keyword optimization has been unable to meet the needs of network marketing.

below, show son on network marketing this, talk about their views.

first, let your website have its own vitality, you must create brand effect.

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