Talking about some experience of making an unpopular station

has been a station for more than 8 months, and really do not stand for less than 3 months, because of a variety of personal problems, the middle no big updates on the site.

because of personal preferences, I made a study of Polygonum multiflorum website, was prepared to make an encyclopedia, suffer from on such article particularly rare, because this kind of subject matter gets really less, when I do, soon be able to take my stand to sit. Of course, when one of the words in my Baidu mid May update to now (November 21st 09) has been in the home, intermediate fluctuations, but are small in the range of the adjustment inside the home.

I contacted SEO

quite a long time, but there has been no understanding with him, perhaps some people say he is a master can be fun, actually otherwise, I often see in the webmaster group novice how difficult do stand, does not understand technology. Here also have to warn a novice, intentions do stand, don’t be impatient for success. Ha ha, maybe a little nonsense, but this is what I do station experience, may be able to help you.

, this is my fifth article published in A5, writing articles carefully, seriously to do their own thing, will certainly be rewarded.

what is "soft Wen"? That is, you rack your brains and push your content out, even though sometimes we will choose something that we don’t want to do. Although I had just been standing for 8 months, I found that I didn’t have the passion at the moment. Maybe now I have to work for the job, maybe…… When I was doing the Polygonum multiflorum Thunb health care network, in order to choose the key words, I was busy for a whole week, to inquire, to analyze, it is attentively, slowly, the optimization of those words constantly sit up. Maybe my technology is not in place, but I really do it, to meet the needs of Internet users to do, and then search, ha ha, a little incoherent, and I’m sorry,

!There are several points of attention below


First, the domain name

, something I choose a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the domain name is www.shouwu.org/, you will see some clues of it, yes, this is Shouwu Shouwu Pinyin, Chinese station a little skill, every day through the phonetic search to others. Oh, a domain name, is the opportunity to get, you


second, Baidu post bar, Baidu know this kind of promotion, the chain of place, or worth considering. Although here limits the hair web site, don’t let you show up, so it is best not to put your home, you can put the content page, answer when better to write a word, plus the contents of the page address, oh, we can do it Many a little make a mickle., to


third, Links, although PR cancelled in the Google Toolbar, for many years the situation. Different people have different opinions about it, anyway, in PR, it is useful for it, or a lot of high quality, The more, the better.! "

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