Phoenix layoffs seek transformation the four major problems to be solved

Abstract: the move by Phoenix does not know what impact it will have on the future of phoenix. Nirvana, to create a new Phoenix, or continue to sink, repeat the "sorry" day,



, after a very satisfactory earnings report, Phoenix finally responded in action. But this response is not much new, a month ago, Sohu, is still downsizing.

yesterday (September 1st), ifeng.com released internal e-mail, announced layoffs and restructuring matters, the message that the recent stock ifeng.com suffered great pressure estimation, a complete departure from the true value, being oversold.

The internal mail of

Phoenix is widely circulated among the networks, and one of them is "sorry" for the departing staff, which makes people sigh. Jiang Yan in the "Fu" said: "deeply grieved, only don’t just carry on!" I do not know that the layoffs of employees for their owner of the Phoenix, "I’m sorry" Zuoheganxiang! Bloated structure, post more personnel than work available, no matter how overlap, this is not and should not be the responsibility of the staff. But now that we are "sorry", we can only wish all the employees who have been dismissed go all the way.

in the blessing of the staff at the same time, I am more worried about the fate of Phoenix, after all, it was a favorite site. Phoenix’s move, I do not know what impact on the future of Phoenix?. Nirvana, to create a new Phoenix, or continue to sink, repeat the "sorry" day,


actually, in my opinion, layoffs may not be admitted to ifeng.com of a ready-made panacea. If the following problems can not be solved, downsizing and downsizing will not play a big role:

first, the value and readability of news

, the current Phoenix web site, is a web site based on news and information, with no other new services coming in. So, whether it’s on the PC side or on the mobile side, the news is the foundation. If the news is not good, nothing else will make much difference. In my impression, before the hot, popular and good performance of the Phoenix, first of all known as news. Objective truth, sharp and deep. But now, what about the Phoenix? I feel the news is not as good as before, at least worse than the Tencent, Sina, Sohu, NetEase. I think it’s the news’s value and readability that attracts readers,


second, self media influence,

there is no doubt that no matter what people dispute on the media, but we cannot ignore a fact that can not be neglected at present has become the power of the Internet media, and is an important element in each big website. But, to be honest, ifeng.com of people from the media promotion and solicitation efforts are inferior to other sites. In my favorite website technology channel, compared with other portals of science and technology channel, Phoenix’s technology channel is obviously lack of original efforts. Attention should not be paid to the media

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