Small and medium owners to win in China three must not seek instant success

with the rapid development of the network, the competition between the webmaster is becoming more and more white hot. It is becoming more and more difficult to win a new career in china. Time is money, Time will not wait for me., has become synonymous with the era particularly prominent. As a result, many small and medium-sized webmaster in the website is small, when it can not stand the temptation of interest, eager for too much haste to seek immediate benefits, resulting in irreparable losses. Practice, observation of those walking in front of successful people, not difficult to summarize a truth: Wenzhongqiusheng to avoid quick success. So, how to avoid quick success, the most essential way is to change ideas. The following are discussed in this paper:

1: improve your insight,

people’s ability to improve, first of all, the improvement of thinking, and thinking is how to improve it, the first step is to expand their horizons, and then to sum up the success of complacency. No matter how fine you are in life, or how high your position is. But to join the Internet, you need a new understanding of him, do not think that the Internet is simply as simple as Internet users see, that is just outside performance. And we want to forge a different life, as a webmaster, you need a deeper understanding of the industry. As for the theme of your website, you should always pay attention to the news and information outside the country as well as the relevant policies of the country. Don’t busy in their own website, although the work is admirable, but the more we learn more, there is always something new into your website, invisible you always put new ideas into the site.

two: positioning yourself

has a good saying, "people don’t know you, you don’t know yourself yet." they have to be positioned to develop, and they should have a clear position for themselves. Own ability point where, is technology, exclusive or experience. There are technical, technical aspects of departure, such as: PS tutorials, web technology. Give yourself a good location, the direction of development to the location of the web site, if you are not a good location to do for their own development site? Is experience, the webmaster can choose to do some summary of things, such as forums, news, entertainment, forum. For example, without the technical support, you can independently summarize and perfect and send the information to the website (personally).

three: do not chew

do what you want to do right now before you can do what you want to do. Since starting from scratch, and steadfastly adhere to, God always attached to those who seem silly, but hard to pay. Some people see others do not stand to make money on the envy, thinking that he is not the same as he can make money? Unrealistic fantasy: first, the human mind is never copied, you are not him, his development already have their own ideas, see is always appearance. Second: even if you copy each other, then you analyze each other’s site structure, even if the same sentence to?

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