The key point of analyzing the profit model of local portals is value chain

One of the key problems of

local portal is the design of profit model, in the overwhelming media, e-commerce, community, etc. The term vertical bombing, with countless webmasters dizzy. I’m sure most of them are the same mentality as the onlookers in the emperor’s new clothes: "I don’t understand, but I don’t dare to say – what is media? What is e-commerce?"

must point out, the core of profit mode does not lie in what "change", "change" it is the foundation of profit mode — operation technology. The key point of profit model is the analysis and design of value chain. That is: who gave you money, when to receive money, where to collect money, in which links can receive more money, what node in the money, safe and reliable.

sums up, we can think in terms of such a framework:

1. The problems we face are as follows:

·: how do you start with the profit model design?

· how is the node of the profit model set?

·: where is the difference in profit patterns among different industries?

·: the carrier of profit model how to design sales products?

for these problems, we do the following analysis: 1, our website can provide a complete value chain for the industry? That is to say, the industry value chain in the website well that no form a closed loop structure of


, for example, Alibaba business community, in terms of B2B business can form a closed loop, but can not form B2C closed loop; Taobao community can form buyers, sellers exist B2C closed loop. My friend Mr. Gu Zhaohua founded China securities broker network, the site can not form a closed loop transaction investors and brokerage or fund company, but the advertisement sold well in agent recruitment process, forming a closed loop transaction.

2: where are the nodes that affect the transaction? We know that the key aspects of the transaction are cognition, search, trust, trading, and after sale. Cognition, seeking, trust and after-sale belong to the media or media service, and the sale is the e-commerce service.

: Sina ads let sellers know sellers, for example. Baidu allows buyers to find sellers. In the community of local websites, buyers gain trust through online consumer sharing and interaction with sellers.

Where is the difference between the

3 and the industry node? The analysis industry, the conclusion is that the sale link.


value of size, whether you need to customize the settlement is mainly caused by factors impact on the industry differences. Property, home (or wedding) in a very different way.

4, how to design service products?

industry experience tells us: there is little difference. Single node and multi node, single service and packing service are both feasible.


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