Network winter Adsense trading pace can not stop dig deep market concentrate on doing fine

today saw an article about Alipay’s article: Alipay: in a test run. Describes the achievements and is now Alipay and will face the situation. It can be said that the 09 years of Alipay ushered in the highest point since the birth, but also decided the future fate of the turning point. The daily turnover exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan to mark the end of 09 years of Alipay, as the largest of the third party payment platform, draw the blueprint for the development of more ambitious projects are in 2010. Alipay five years of success, is accompanied by the traditional financial business gradually to domestic Internet services, relying on e-commerce online shopping development and come. It solves the problem of trade credit from a Taobao internal department now developed into a Alibaba subsidiary, its bottom is registered users taobao.com sellers, hundreds of thousands of 46 thousands of businesses, more than 200 million of the external market, and bring infinite air travel, payment of public utilities and other applications in the field of seven. The daily turnover of over 2 billion will be achieved this year." Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng said. Yes, as a development company in the stream in the stream of time to go on tour brave salmon, only the torrent, try to not give up, to reach the destination, have handed down. Behind this truth, especially as the third party payment platform of the earliest prospectors, Alipay know. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, only to climb high, meet the challenge to catch up, super competitors can survive the third party payment "in a hail of bullets.".

so, I think the A5 webmaster webmaster Trading (http://s.bbs.admin5.com/), and Alipay has a lot of similarities. Alipay is the leader of the third party payment platform, A5 intermediary trading is the industry’s largest trading platform for personal webmaster. At the end of the day, the volume of transactions is 100%, and the amount of transactions is 3 million per year. Although there is no Alipay as the astronomical, but in the webmaster transactions in this field has focused industry leader. More than 90% of webmaster transactions are traded at the A5 trading forum. Webmaster circle also formed a kind of transaction to find A5 intermediary, established unconscious. Domain name sale, sale website, source trading, trading station, Wangzhuan trading…… A5 Trading Forum almost all owners undertake involved in trading, trading and trading need to seek the webmaster can publish information on the forum trading area, when the two sides to the transaction, A5 will serve as an intermediary, to ensure the safety and reliability of the transaction. The profit model is not too high for intermediary fees, although only 2%, but Many a little make a mickle. It can be said that information and transactions are the two core services A5 provides for webmasters. One is to act as the third party payment platform for funds transfer, one is the third party payment platform intermediary guarantees for Alipay and A5 webmaster tools, Trading Forum has set up a bridge for the users of credit, and therefore profits, become a fraction of the sheep in their respective industries. Today, A5 webmaster trading faces and Alipay is quite similar to the situation in development, this is also the webmaster exchange.

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