Sorry ‘m leaving

space can not access more than 48 hours, Ali mom’s advertising revenue has remained at 0. I have not been eager to contact IDC to understand the situation, maybe I began to tired, tired of such webmaster life, after two days of consideration, I chose to give up. Here are some of my personal experience, I hope to help new students and students:

in the past year, I’ve changed three spaces, and this has happened many times, though not for the same reasons. The first time I remember most clearly, CC attack! Really shame, a dumpster some people attack what strength? Three days can not access, just like yourself without a soul. Later, the hacker went away and the website continued. It wasn’t long before my community was so harmonious that my blog was told that I could not accept the comment. IDC told me I could wait for a month to open. I naively believed. At the beginning of the station, I did not know what a month means for a website, and I don’t know if Baidu can bring me a huge amount of traffic. A month after the results that I was forced to move in space, space is not of course before the refund to me, give me a few months time delay. Later in the Beijing Fibrlink IDC, I bought the 1G space, because it is the four line of the host IDC offer to 800, as a student in this price is a little high, see his official website of the artists do not, so I try mentality and talk to him: I’ll help you to do a website designer well, I’m sure your space is bought. The price we don’t say first, after I help you finish, you see how? Finally, I spent 300 yuan to buy the space (1G MYSQL, flow limit 10 sub directory). With a steady space, I’m the real station. With my understanding of HTML and the use of PS, my station quickly made a good breakthrough on the interface. Do website, I finally made the first step of the Great Wall.

I’ve done three stops in a year. Let me talk about the community. The community is the school forum, the primary, because the DZ program is easy to learn, and the community model is easier for users to communicate with. Now it seems that for the marketing of me, the choice was very meiji. Here I would like to sincerely thank admin5.com and outdated, here I see many predecessors benefited greatly from the wise remark of an experienced person, thank you.

website promotion is a painful and happy thing for me. At first I feel like a poor salesman and sell my product in an uneasy mood. The following summary of promotional experience:

1, network promotion: use the school official website, Baidu stick, alumni blog and so on close to user groups continue to publicize the website. Benefits: cost bottom, quick effect. Of course, advertising should also be a little horizontal, do like non AD. oh.

two, IM tools to promote: 80 after the main IM tools, of course, QQ. Try to collect more QQ groups on campus and in groups

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