Enterprise transformation the nternet will encounter what pits platform articles

enterprise transformation, the Internet has become a necessity, guardian Yuan Kun in front of many articles mentioned the Internet marketing operations of various problems, the reasons for the failure, enterprises should take measures. There is a problem has not talked about, because involving the interests of certain institutions, but saw many companies spent money and had to talk about.

We do not deny that there are

related service providers did well, but most of the marketing services operator is really to make outrageous things, the serious damage to the interests of the enterprise, it is disrupting the normal Internet marketing. Let’s see what pits are there.

1: the pit encountered by the site.

companies involved in the Internet in two ways is to open the shop in the electronic business platform, and the other is to build the official website of the enterprise. Electricity supplier this problem for the time being, then the construction of enterprise official website in the end what pit,



1, domain name and space issues: in addition to building site company business, there are two core business is to sell domain names and space. The focus is on these domains and spaces, you only use the right, there is no ownership. Domain name and space is that they provide, so enterprises every year to pay the high cost, website maintenance fee renewal. Want to roll out domain name? Want to backup website data? Take money.

for this problem, Yuan Kun suggested that the guardian of their own domain name registration and space (the truth is really very simple, is a fool operation), and annual renewals are relatively affordable. A normal domain tens of dollars, a common space sanwubo space one hundred or two hundred, good point. The site of the company basically closed 1800 too low. And the maintenance of the site is even more talked about, nothing to do, a few thousand a year is normal.

2, program problems: the vast majority of the company is built using templates, and if the industry to make templates is relatively good, relatively speaking, it is very convenient. Many of the construction company templates are applied to a template regardless of industry. At present, the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the site must be suitable for mobile terminals, and many companies do not do the station, or additional money.

guardian of the framework of the site, Yuan Kun suggested that the boss or the main person, according to the needs of their own painting framework. If you really want to apply the template given by the website company, you should also modify the template according to your own industry and enterprise characteristics. For the mobile terminal access problem, the company needs to build a mobile site, or web site to do adaptive (automatically suitable for computers, mobile phones and other terminals).

3, marketing operations problems: after the establishment of enterprise website, we must do a good job marketing operations. Enterprises often do nothing after the online site. Construction companies are generally based on the needs of enterprises (whether willing to vote money) proposal to do optimization or bidding.

many companies on the web line, the site does not add any content, there is no content change. Such sites basically do not work. The responsible people.

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