A small webmaster site construction process and experience

at the end of 2009 is the Internet several turbulent month, many owners get hard, oh, I also like children, their own website, see no achievement also reluctant to give up, this is probably a complex, I said the following course.

started just for fun, the original content of the website is really no time to do, but to do a collection station, although the station was collected a lot of successful webmaster disdain, but I think it is because the collection station, the Internet will be free to leave N years ago. ^_^! I think I also contributed an own strength for this effect, I was doing a secretarial nets. You check my data, compared to you can see, my website is still a non successful rookie class website.

website, January 2009, only 14 days, and then in their own home built server, then began to hang, a high enthusiasm, updated daily, but BAIDU didn’t answer me, naturally a lot of cool heart. I didn’t take care of it, it was 3 months.

around May 2009, I opened the query Baidu included, suddenly found that there are more than 4000 records, traffic is only more than 100 IP. At that time the idea is that this flow can do? Hang ads? Oh, God knows when to withdraw cash. Although not because of no advertising and income to give up, but basically a month also updated 1, 2 times.

October 2009, well, the traffic has about 400 IP, though it’s only a few 1 and 2 pages of passers – by, but it’s finally a renewed enthusiasm.

began to search data, found that there are individual keywords to the flow of particularly many, query found only 5 words search quantity keywords, and ranked in Baidu’s first page, second. At this point, my idea is to get to the first place, and then began to check information, (don’t laugh, tell the truth, really don’t know what to do), do keyword density, keyword promotion. Busy 3 days, found that the page really ran to the first place.

the traffic is fixed at 500IP this time, 700PV. And my content didn’t start paging at that time. After handling paging content, PV rose to more than 1200. Don’t feel more happy. See this effect, I quickly put on the GG ad. At this time, began every day about 1.5 knives included. Cheer up. I feel I have succeeded at last. Ha-ha。 Now it’s really nice to see it again. Then found the problem, Baidu has been included in the more than 5000 up and down. Appeared for a week, not updated, not included in the situation. Think of it then. Oh, my God, I have 100 thousand pages. Only 5000, satisfied??? Keep on trying…. Check data. Finally, I chose the pseudo original. Directly modify the title and a small amount of content, 2 days later found that modified 20 records, Baidu also >

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