Baidu file should laugh or cry

first statement, I am a high school student, not much to do standing experience, more rely on A5 and several good webmaster together to discuss, learning knowledge. Thank you A5 here, thank you, my friend. I really learned a lot these days. This article I just suddenly feeling something written, well written, I hope everyone.

made a game site a few days ago. Baidu just gave me included, ranking directly to me hit the first page (I choose is unpopular keywords). Subsequently, Baidu has done a lot of keywords ranking adjustment, my station all day keywords ranking jump, jump, very unstable, from the first page to the tenth page. It’s really a headache. 3 days ago, Baidu went crazy again. I didn’t know why. I was standing K straight away.

, but we have to rely on Baidu to eat, so after always looking for connections and so on, has been convenient for Baidu again included. But in today, May 24th, in the morning up, turn on the computer, see the next station traffic (some time ago Baidu gave me K, so all rely on Google), I feel the flow is better than yesterday. Out of curiosity, to check the next Baidu is included, looked after, really very depressed, Baidu gave me a collection, a snapshot, the original is to file. Although that is because the correction to the collected, but do not know over time and then retreated, whether included? Very puzzled, did not mind the end. Now, think of the real poison! You make me laugh,


original article, written in bad, but I hope to get the support of the webmaster! Thank you,


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