do stand for 3 years there are words for novice webmaster said

I love writing by division. Here, also according to write. Write a few write several.. look down, could not stand even.


1.06 years began to engage in technical station site, the name was not out, is shameful, do FOOSUN station, many netizens support. One is mixed into administrator (is the beginning of a forum, the construction site is then I toss, related to the network security station.) mixed network mix for a long time, the first blind person know convenient, bullshit, the bubble is also convenient. Engage site, to meet women, it can talk to.

: a summary to know more people, not afraid to lose, chat, exchange more. Behind closed doors, absolutely not.

The above

2. that do not know to make money, and then began to do SMS according to a friend keyword, the XX keyword, the keyword x365x hey, cattle people with rotten, like now, like the 33bbb, the brothers do dumpster, attention to it. May good luck, may also see contact, fast, a short amount of 12 dollars, a day to more than 100. In fact, the three page, a page, a registration page, an error page. Baidu hurts new.


two to do, no matter what you look for keywords, must adhere to the going on. What blog with the chain, the chain with the keyword method do not say. As long as you have the energy, is absolutely feasible! Recommend, buy a com meters, can not spend much less money. To save a few summer popsicle money with.

3. after the station finished, start planning to do sub pay, pay for 06 years when the sub station MM auditing is not strict, what, what chat room, can get an understanding of the brothers. Every half month 1.5K$. course that is familiar with the routine only friends in Asia over senior group in recognition. Now in the company, who is very good, no money to help him deal with pictures, 0.5 a day, go to the watermark, you can earn hundreds of dollars. He just do it for his collection, now he will not do, let me pay to play (sub collection a small AD, the sub commissions QQ4425268 complete, do not look for me). Just start doing like this registration website, you must identify the user groups, should be targeted, at the beginning of Baidu’s friends get married, then engage in propaganda, not many people, get a day a dozen knives, meet.


three for the novice webmaster, don’t hurry, slowly, the network you want to do this thing, not a portal, you have the ability, have the resources to do. Pay yourself first, and live well, go no longer inferior, you can start to get your dream.

4. in the Asia at the same time, began to start other websites, do station no experience, advertising what nothing reserved, like to use FOOSUN station (later found NEWASP seems >

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