How smart technology updates how to deal with search engines


since twenty-first Century, human scientific research is more and more developed, technology changes with each passing day. Whether it is software or hardware, all changes are taking place every day, this change is mostly a significant progress on the development of the society, and promote the role, he brought a faster pace, making people’s life become more abundant, a lot of things more convenient and simple to operate and easy to understand, so people have become more lazy behind this, intelligent hidden secrets will gradually surfaced.

smart technology will make the world more transparent,

"prism" happens when countries are shocked, one of the most shocking and should be the most exciting is the United States, President Obama is a hybrid, but also through the skin layer of dark light, Snowden exposure will undoubtedly make President Obama face more dark. First Snowden leaked to the United States national loss of reputation, the reputation in the world greatly decreased, then let us cooperation with other countries is becoming lower, again directly reduce the people of the United States government support rate. The secret behind this lively look is what makes the United States monitor the information of countries in real time, onto the country’s political, commercial, and national calls. I feel that I owe it to the technology now.

it is said that the listener in the United States is sensitive to the sensitive words spoken by the telephone, and the headquarters computer will immediately start recording and listening, and then upload the recording content. Why technology intelligence is a "prism door" inside the helper, first of all, the United States surveillance area is quite broad, the amount of data is quite large, which are also completed by intelligent technology. Then intelligent technology is obedient, some great God has said that the computer language is the most obedient language, because he will not lie. But I think this is limited to those of God, you will be in accordance with the computer technology and he arranged the road step by step down, so he enough obedient, technology is not enough you can follow to use intelligent intelligent adaptation. Again, the more intelligent people is the technology becomes more lazy, because most are to rely on smart things to do, but then the intelligent machine needs a physical hardware support, as long as the operation of the machine will have a memory, a memory technology can you know god. It’s like a piece of your action that has been deleted. Over time it can be restored with a certain amount of software. This is just a simple example.

summary of the above three points, that another aspect of intelligence, science and technology is more developed, more intelligent machines, the world will become more and more transparent, transparent three pyramid will make the "sunshine" reflects a different color.

, don’t let search engines make you look transparent,

says that technology makes a lot of things transparent, but this transparency is only in the hands of less people, just as the transparency of the Internet is in the hands of search engines. So do optimization >

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