A wish for ten year old stationmaster in 2010

or in the "tragic history of a ten year old webmaster" as a way to open this article, now is the late 23:40, underestimate the few articles on the A5, I also do not intend to write text, of course, I have a lot of sites you want to promote, since I wrote the article in the forum soft Wen wrote no promotion of what use, we should make our stand well, can find some similar stand do friendship cooperation. The article caused a lot of friends of the concern and support, first of all I would like to thank you, thank the friends of Shanghai securities, thanks to Asia Weekly reporter "Ai ink" concern for those of us living in the bottom of the webmaster.

was a ten year old Webmaster Station had to write this title just to attract attention, and now I want to correct my is not really the ten year old webmaster, because I am not a successful webmaster, but I believe I am on the way to success. Looking back ten years in 2000 to enter the three stream university computer science, from the construction of personal homepage hobbies to show their style, and then QQ, Hua Jun, hao123 and so on in the sky, what they do, they began to provide services to users. Looking back seven years ago in 2003 of that year the SARS virus like a flow of 09 years, when I graduated in helping students to design, we started the construction of IT leaf site, then everything is done by one person, I remember the students choose the domain name itleaf.com. At the same time that Alibaba has been on the line, ASP code, remember the original Alibaba is very popular in the Internet at the time, but later I knew that is a very effective means of promotion of the period. The bear online was a famous it site. As time went on, I worked hard in a small company called IT in 2006, just to earn a fortune for my life. At that time, Web2.0 was very popular and Douban has been successful. Many people have made use of the wave of Web2.0 to obtain tens of millions of venture capital. And I’m still working at a small IT company for life. Rolled out 2009 3G network, had a friend from the PHPChina team to know the 3G of things, I was in a foreign enterprise called Chengdu xierui for the electronic commerce website of foreigners do maintenance and website construction. Time flies, looking back on the past ten years, in order to change the life of too much, and the site has always been to adhere to the road, the dream of this road is still my dream of art.

yes, to today when my art dream is still not in the day burst, "Ai ink" ask me what is the station construction, I really really feel shy, because I really dare not refuse garbage station show, but I believe that one day will see a I was able to show and service website. Looking back on this road, there have been too many mistakes and twists and turns, of course, there will be a lot of misfortune. In 2003, because the school also owed more than 1W loans, and I came from the countryside, 21 years old

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