Lao Zhao to make a website have a plan have executive power

1, foreword

The power of

execution: I’ve been told that there are 200 websites for webmasters, which surprised me, you think, he earns $1 per site per day, $200 a day. A month is 6000 dollars, equal to 3, 40 thousand yuan. It’s very simple, but how can you do that? It takes a lot of execution, and as long as you have a plan, everyone has a strong executive power. It’s easy to think about one thing with your brain. It’s not really simple, but it’s really simple to do it. So we have to look for ways to do it.

two: opening

can now make the station as a "product", "do station" is to produce this "product" process, we all know, "product" has a strict specification of the process line, so the efficiency is very high. This website and the generation process of "product" is not standardized, everybody is the webmaster, but we do stand process is not the same, so, in the case of no rule, I believe that many people are not going to do what station, plus the stationmaster was relatively casual, think what to do as a result, not only the efficiency is very low, but also make, manage and update the website, website promotion is a mess, so a website do, died. As a station, without success, instead of adding a confusion. Why people can succeed? I can’t succeed? This is a very good question, has also been bothering me for a long time, but I have to think, can now be said to have their own experience, I think the ideological breakthrough is the first step ladder of progress. So now, I want to share with you some of my specific implementation methods, I believe that smart webmaster will draw inferences from others. Welcome to communicate with me, and I hope to join you in learning progress, my QQ:849588059 marked (A5), if you have a website, and I can make a link to the station, will be very grateful.

three: write the plan yourself,

do the website and write the process plan in person. Some people think it’s too much trouble, no need. In fact, if you want to improve efficiency, this is necessary, just like a company

if you don’t make some process plans and execute them regularly, the company will soon be closed down. Consider the problem from the employee’s perspective, a lot of things feel very troublesome, to do something, in fact, a smart boss, are considered more comprehensive, because not doing so would mess. Plan and execute. From the boss’s point of view, I can see.

for example, I use CMS to do a stock network planning process are as follows, I used a piece of paper, draw the horizontal and vertical lines with a ruler, a good, hit a hook:

1 [website] stocks stocks theme positioning techniques, private messages, software stocks, stocks have


2. [website name]: stocks >

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