360 the front end of the web site the public library has stopped service

recently found that some of the webmaster has opened the site has been parked in the loading fonts.useso.com, fonts.useso.com was originally the 360 site guardian CDN accelerated font service, but now has stopped service

But Google’s

service has been able to use the font, in fact, as early as 15 Google in Beijing set up a ping server, fonts.useso.com can also be found, IP is, the address is Beijing Telecom Haidian District, much faster than the 360 mirror, so all the replacement fonts, all plug-ins can be removed.


below is the full text of the announcement:

thank you for your support and love has been given guards in front of public library website! Because our business development direction of the adjustment, after consideration of negotiation site guards team, we have announced the site guards stop from now on the front of public library services provided great regret.

has used site guards the front of public library websites will need to call the common front-end public library resources transferred to the local storage of your website, our website will continue to provide you with guard service cache acceleration service.

uses the website guardian, Google public libraries, or the Google font library. Please replace our URL and call Google’s official website URL directly.

, we will continue to work hard for the site guards free users to provide more excellent website security protection and acceleration service


360 site guard team

The solution offered by


finds the wp-includes/script-loader.php file, 602 or 603 rows:

, $open_sans_font_url = " //fonts.useso.com/css, family1=Open+Sans:300italic, 400italic, 600italic, 300400600& subset=$subsets";

instead of

, $open_sans_font_url = " //fonts.googleapis.com/css, family1=Open+Sans:300italic, 400italic, 600italic, 300400600& subset=$subsets";

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