have done some experience and summary of the past 7 years

also has 7 years of history as a station. Although the codes are not written very well, most of them are designed by technology and artists according to my planning concept. There are no technical experience, Hou Qinglong will share some of the previous mixed stand thing, hope to help some novice webmaster. Here are some of the things I’ve been through. Sincerely thank those good webmaster and bad webmaster let me from the learning of a lot of reasons.

one, space quotient

in 05 years to do a local portal, with the shared space, forget what to call, the server just started to use well, and then the network speed is very slow, but at least contact customer service, service attitude is very good. Bought two 81idc space in 06-07 years, the server business sucks, buy when the customer service attitude is very good, then it is poor, and some unidentified website was shut, affect my clients, customers often call urging us, to reduce the company’s credibility and consequences very serious, remember not to buy 81idc, can be found in the search engines to find a lot of Posts and scold their content, Facts speak louder than words. How they did not close down, with two sets are not good, server fraud.

this server record, many sites have been closed, do not know how I China tube countries so strict, advantages and disadvantages of both ways, but the greatest impact is our webmaster Comrades, for the record, busy awfully, finally to the Ministry of information audit, audit has not been successful, has no choice but to add money to customers for space, record how a tired word. In the server business, I met a good webmaster, he is Miba webmaster Li net (Miba (light °)), he has a meter itself forum, although he is not often online, but there are problems as quickly as possible solutions to help you sleep with his name and space suit service attitude and the stability of the space is very good. Back to the domain name transfer and so on, a mess of things have helped me, the webmaster’s character is the most important. Last record, one of his servers was moved out of the Information Management Bureau, he in order to maintain credibility and our webmaster data, spent a lot of ocean redeemed the server, alas, how a good word?. We need space, domain name can be his, reputation guaranteed.

buy space should pay attention to the following points:

1, buy space, not for cheap.

2, the space business should have "People’s Republic of China value-added telecommunications business license" operating ICP certificate.

3, when buying space, first search online, the reputation of space providers?.

two, links article

links are one of the ways to improve website traffic and improve website weights. It is sometimes convenient to buy some links, buy links of cooperation is the credibility of the cooperation, sometimes just bought some site, they will give you the night removed, sometimes bought them a year to link, they just start line, >

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