Local portals exploit the profitability of the voting system



voting system, properly used, is also a stable point of profit when it brings huge traffic quickly.

activity type:

organization training classes for children’s schools internal network evaluation

collaboration objects:

children’s English training (oral performance), children’s dance training, children’s art training, etc.

activity merchant Revenue:

1, to show the results of teaching to parents of students, to enhance the recognition of parents for teaching

through talent performance, parents are more likely to see the results of teaching, through online voting, parents will introduce to friends and family, more able to inspire parents’ sense of identity and pride.

2, through the activities of publicity and online voting, you can quickly pull the crowd related to parents, is a highly efficient and accurate advertising

network voting can make students parents launched around relatives and friends to vote, these customers by watching the performance of students, are more likely to agree with the school teaching performance, will become the most valuable potential customers.

3, in the current trend of homogenization of education and training content, appropriate to organize large-scale events, can effectively enhance the visibility and brand

The initiating nature of the



requirements for sponsors:

no clear requirements, new local gateway operators can

case show:

http://s.bc.ccoo.cn/vote/index.asp? Voteid=571


activity quote:

, 3000~10000 yuan, ranging from

allies question:

1, businesses have their own activities every year, so do not want to participate in

2, we don’t have a reputation, businesses don’t want to work with us,

3, how do you agree with our offer


4, in the course of activities, brush votes more serious, affecting the reputation of businesses

5, why not engage in bigger, and so on a city so and so network competition, so that more businesses to participate in

6, activities, how to get the prize, the school out of their own, or we pull sponsorship


1, businesses have their own activities every year, so do not want to participate with

answer: this kind of business is more typical intent customers, because businesses have begun to improve business efficiency through activities. Next we mainly from two aspects: the analysis can be

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