From the 8848 domain name owners do not stand on the quick

is currently the most controversial, hot line: 8848 website domain name owners directed at the problem of Taobao fiery. About 8848 domain name is easy one, some people think that 8848 of the domain name has expired, was registered by others.

it is understood that the "8848 online shopping mall" founded by Beijing Everest e-commerce network service Co., Ltd. is one of the first websites specializing in online shopping in china. The site attracts large numbers of consumers at a low price by issuing merchandise information, but is then triggered by improper management. Its founder Wang Juntao was called "China first" electronic commerce, but also unable to turn the tide, several ups and downs, and Wang Juntao led the former founder of 6688.com.

in 1998 with the rise of e-commerce, 8848 website development was steady, as the Internet industry veteran, IT other sites also imitate the follow-up, intention to make more money, for a time, the electronic commerce website of various names such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the times require, stately stands on the internet. However, same as 8848, these business sites do not do strength training, in order to obtain more profits can be said that they use the media hype use unscrupulous divisive tactics, crazy, in order to create a great sensation, and even get traffic through rogue plug-ins, but in the end because the unstable state of mind, mang hit decision, in a sluggish standstill.

first of all, the creativity of the 8848 domain name comes from the world’s highest peak, Mount Qomolangma. It is very new, magnificent and imposing. 8848 easy to master the relevant domain name, the domain name is a rumor 8848 acquired by Taobao, Taobao can get interested in this domain name, the domain name is visible its value greatly, but Taobao is responsible for clarification of the facts, 8848 domain names and taobao.com nothing more questioned 8848 point to Taobao motivation problems. There are 8848 decision-making to one, taking advantage of the promotion of their own? After all about life and death on the line 8848, this is nothing more than a good chance to turn over. Now, the Internet site in order to achieve the purpose of commercial interests, speculation is common, the novelty of its transformation are also endless.

if not speculation 8848 domain name is registered, 8848 lost can be said to be the most precious thing, this is a sad e-commerce pioneer, so that we can not help but sigh: poor, pathetic! 8848 failed, not the economic environment, operation, marketing and even defeat, is that: the Internet e-commerce pioneer failure, 8848 is the first to do the shopping search engine, from now on, their Internet awareness is relatively advanced, but too far ahead of the profit has become castles in the air, without considering the lost profit project transformation IDG investment money to be burned, they have no way to the end of hills and rivers go. But the first one to eat crab spirit is a way out, can only say later. Two, too many, too fast VCs lead to decision making on the whole site

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