Loss of hundreds of thousands of tragic experience eight reasons Tmall can not do it

No matter

or C Taobao mall stores, Taobao sellers do together may have tens of millions, but Taobao operating collapse are often only a fatal blow, especially those without strong financial support, and constantly go to trial and error, and trial and error not immediately summary, and fantasy "the best performance in the next month" the seller.

deficit is a deficit, loss of ten thousand is also a loss, loss of more than ten thousand is also a loss. The so-called heavy losses, behind the number, about 1 million 400 thousand of sales, gross margin of 30%. There are countless successful teaching experiences in the jar, that no one talks about the lessons of failure. Therefore, the landlord for himself over a year to see and hear the experience of the glorious history, summed up one by one. The successful experience may not be able to learn, or "my success can be replicated" after the society has sold numerous Tang Jun. The failures they can try to avoid the previous, stepped on shit, odor flying, the man behind the saw, not to step on it, unless you are a head of pig which is the personal independence of conduct, for the purpose of writing this article is.

introduction where the background of Taobao Mall: environmental protection small household appliance industry, household appliances production more loopholes, if I did not come in before the company may never know the product — of course, I seldom watch TV, began nearly a year in the shopping to see on TV to sell, but not what brand. This was unimportant, and began to prepare for 10 years, and prepared for several months, because of the non professional, 11 years before the formal operation. There are ten kinds of products, the lack of variety, homegrown, focus on brand, brand route, open flagship store, this is not professional background, starting from the subject, the following one by one are summarized as follows:

one, no plan, no plan, which step to which step.

total planning is yes, that is, with 1 years time, Taobao expansion. Of course, this plan is only formed in the boss’s mind and can not be detailed. No matter is the following customer service promotion copy will only know that you have something to do or not to do things, the monthly sales of about geometric like, never understand a step to the next step, what is its purpose and goal, if this step does not complete or discount what impact it will have on target.

we had only one sales target at the time, and how many dollars did you sell for a month?. But how many will this come from, what is it based on?. To accomplish these million, promotion to do, in a month inside the train what promotion plan was stepped up or other shapes according to the steps of the plan, planning activities to one month in advance to prepare for the holidays, but also prepared from all aspects of Taobao to organize what. We never really had a mental picture.

two, without experience, cross the river by feeling the stones.

Taobao above many sellers are part-time type, do not lose to earn better, slowly accumulated experience for a solo. If a team is a bunch of people cry piteously for food waiting for the dinner, feeling the stones.

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